Random Pictures

Do you see this??? Do you know what that is??
Beautiful, waxed floors. Oh lordy! I LOVE these clean floors. We have the BEST janitors in the world! They have every room emptied, waxed, and items put back in 2 weeks. We have 123 night for incoming K students next week so I went and got my room ready for parents to see. Nothing fancy...just presentable. I hung up my pom poms to make sure it looks good!

LOOK!!!! That is my 1st Donorschoose funded project! I am SO excited!!!

That is my LLI kit. I posted about it here. I GOT it! I am SUPER excited to use it!

This is my discipline system that I THINK I am getting rid of. I am THINKING I will try the clip chart. I'd love any suggestions!

Random pictures but that is what my room looks like right now! Have a good weekend. My BFF just had a baby today and I am SUPER excited to go get my hands on it!!!!!


  1. I love your pom pom. I want to make one. Any tips? I should really get on Donors Choose. Let me see...how can I make time in my schedule for it!?! HE HE HE Have a great weekend! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks

  2. I use a clip chart in my classroom and love it! The idea that the students can move up or down is great. If they have to clip down, they are devastated and work super hard to clip back up. It gives them some hope. If they weren't able to move back up, I think that most children would just think "Well the day is ruined so why try now?" I highly recommend it!

  3. I agree with Ashley! I love my clipchart. I have used it the past two years and would not change anything this year. My kiddos work so hard to move up to the top, but they are very excited if they are at least above green. It definitely helps to fix the behavior of some students because they do not want their clip below green. I say make the change!

  4. Here is a website I came across two nights ago incase you still need help deciding. http://www.newmanagement.com/ebooks/clip_chart.html

    There is an ebook that you can download that explains everything and some form to help you in the back.

    I switched to one last year, and don't think I am going back to my color cards. I usually look thru teachers notebook or teacherspayteachers to find one that coordinates with my theme.

  5. I am doing the Pom Pom thing, too! Mine are ordered in blue and green. Congrats on your BFF's baby!

  6. I love your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine so that I could find you! I am your newest follower. Did you make the poms yourself?


  7. I also have pom poms in my room...I love them! I've never utilized Donors Choose, but after seeing so many things get chosen on blogs, I'm thinking I should!

  8. I love your blog (and those cute pom poms)! I'm glad I stopped by!


  9. Whoa, that is one shiny floor! The light from the ceiling isn’t just bouncing off of the tiles; they’re actually getting reflected! Those are some highly-skilled and dedicated janitors you’ve got in that school! Tell them I applaud their effort and dedication to their job! It’s not an easy job to keep cleaning up after little kids, so you can’t help but appreciate their hard work.

    Tyler Perkins