300 Followers Giveaway

I am SO excited! I have reached 300 followers! Yipee!!! What is even more exciting???? I have some of my FAVORITE bloggers helping me with this giveaway. I am SUPER excited! One lucky winner will receive each of these units!!!!! Get ready....

Cara from First Grade Parade is giving away her Ice Cream Unit. This is a great unit for the end of the year when your kiddos minds are on SUMMER!

Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies is giving away her Let's Make a Spring Chick unit..just in time for Easter and Spring!

Erin from Creating & Teaching is giving away her Hippity Hoppity Fun unit! So cute!

Vickie from Mrs. Plant's Press is also giving away her Easter "Egg"stravaganza unit! It is AWESOME!

And I am giving away my best seller Dr. Seuss unit. (I know it isn't March 2nd, but it was my best seller and I don't have a new one up yet! :))

So, I'm guessing you want to win, right? Here is how:

Follow each of our 5 blogs and leave 1 comment letting me know you did.

First Grade Blue Skies

Kindergarten Korner
Follow each of our TPT stores and leave 1 comment telling me you did.
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-Blog about this giveaway and leave 1 comment with link to post
The contest starts here now and ends on Friday, April 6th at 11:59p.m. I will announce the winner on Saturday! Thanks so much!
Also, if you haven't already, head over to Teacher Blogger Exchange and learn about our new Pinteresting Idea Exchange!! The deadline to enter is Wednesday the 4th!

Is It an egg or a bunny?

We don't get to do a whole lot of Easter in class because our Spring Break always falls the week before Easter. (I think they do it so they don't have to let us off Good Friday). Anywho...there have only been maybe 3 years in the 10 that I have taught that we actually get to do a lot of Easter activities. I remember one year I kid you not, that St. Patrick's Day was one week and Easter was the next. I think it was 2005. It was so weird! Since we are only in school Monday-Wednesday this week, I am trying my best to cram in some of my favorite Easter activities. This is by far my favorite. I always make sure we get to it each year. I don't have a name for it yet. What do you think?

Is it an Easter Egg?


Or a bunny?


How cute is that?  Want to make your own? Just grab this copy here and make 2 copies for each kiddo! So much fun! I am this.close to 300 followers! Be on the lookout for a BIG giveaway! I am so excited!


So, who is crafty??? I totally admit that I am not creative. I'm really not. I can't think of anything on my own but by gosh I am crafty. I can look at anything on pinterest and re-create it! Does that sound like you? Have you been dying to try something you saw on Pinterest but don't have a reason to get you started? Well...you do now! Head on over to Teacher Blogger Exchange. Caitlin and I have something for you!

I can do it, I can do it

I know I can make it until Spring Break. I know I can! We still have 1 1/2 weeks left. This is the LONGEST time without a break. We have usually had 5-6 snow days between January and Spring Break, but not this year. I think this is the first year in like 8 years that we have actually gotten the 2 days before Spring Break (that are make-up days).
We had so much fun last week. Here are the cute leprechauns we made. I have always just done the boys with hats but this year the girls said they wanted girl ones...so we made one up real quick. I thought they turned out ADORABLE!!

We also did our leprechaun writings:

I usually have 100% participation on the traps, but this year I only had about 1/2 of the kids complete there. Here are a few:

This one had that little bought that lit up and blinked different colors:

One of my parents made these rainbow cupcakes for our little party. They were SUPER cute!

I plan on keeping it low key until Spring Break. It's been crazy and I'm ready for a little routine. They are ready for Spring Break and are wild as all get out. How about you? Are you on break now?

What is the world is going on?

Talk about the WEIRDEST year ever. First we have no snow days (well 1, but we usually have almost 10). Then we have TORNADOES and get out early (like 11:30) last Friday because we are expected to have severe weather. Then now...in March...we have a FLU epidemic. Yep...you know the flu that gets most people in December or January? Well, it has hit our school system. One school in our district is closed on Thursday and Friday due to the flu. I have had 5-6 out everyday this week. That means I have had 12-13 kids each day. It's been a BREEZE! My poor kiddos though...I want them better and to be back! We think my brother has the flu and now my mom feels awful! YUCK! Get that stuff out of here. Has the flu hit your schools yet?
We are full speed ahead into March and our St. Patrick's Day activities. Today we made these I found on Pinterest. They are so cute and bright!

Tomorrow we are making a version of these:

We are also going to make some green splat. I do this every year and my kiddos LOVE it:

I seriously LOVE this holiday. I cannot wait to see all of the traps we get this year. I will take pictures for you! You will be amazed! We are gearing up for lots of fun with St. Patrick's Day centers next week. I have seen lots of cute ones I have in my wishlist on Teachers Pay Teachers that I will be buying tomorrow! We will also be using my Lucky Me! unit! You can grab yours by clicking on the picture below:

Lucky You!

I wanted to let you know I have my Lucky You! St. Patrick's Day Literacy and Math Centers unit posted in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

It has 5 Literacy Centers and 1 Literacy Game as well as 3 Math Centers and 1 Math Game! In this unit you will find centers on rhyming, blends, ABC order, long and short vowels, tallies, place value, calendar, addition and subtraction.
We take the MAP test 3 times a year. After having a short lesson on Calendar in our MIF workbooks, I was ASTONISHED to find out that my kiddos struggled with the calendar questions. WHAT?????? We do this DAILY for 20 minutes inside and out. How could they not know this? There are quite a few calendar questions on the MAP test, so I added a center on calendar so that we can get some review and practice!
Also, don't forget about my St. Patrick's Day freebies I posted here.