We have a winner!

So sorry for the late post! I have a winner from my giveaway that ended on Friday. Congrats to Jillian Wilson! I have sent Kim your email and she should be getting you the Sight Words Tri-Fold unit!! Thanks to all who entered!

Sitch Fix #1 - My Thoughts and Reviews

I was SUPER excited to get my 1st Stitch Fix today. Yep. I said 1st because I will definitely be doing it again! :) So much fun! If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix....here's the jist. You sign up at StitchFix.com and create a profile. In your profile, you answer questions about which type of clothes you like. (They give you pictures and you respond with how much you like/dislike the outfit.) You answer questions about your body type and how much you prefer to spend on items. Then for $20, you sign up to get your first fix. (The $20 you spend will go towards any piece you choose to keep.) You choose a shipping date and it's done! A personal stylist will choose 5 pieces and they deliver them to your door!! It's that easy! So when I got home, this was on my doorstep!

Okay. I'm a sucker for cute packaging! Look how adorable the inside of that box is!!!! Can you see that style card? Stitch Fix will show you the 5 pieces they chose for you and ways to wear them. Brilliant right?


Okay...so here is my review of the 5 pieces I received.
#1 - Kensie Jeans - Johnny Skinny Jeans - $88
Let's me honest. I have a weird shaped body. I gain ALL of my weight in my stomach. So when I saw Skinny Jean on the list of things they were sending my way, I laughed out loud. Ain't no way they are going to get that right! Wrong! I love! They are dark denim and very stretching. They are fitted in the all the right areas.
Verdict: KEEP
#2 - Collective Concepts - Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse - $54.00
When I pulled this piece out I didn't think it would work. I wasn't crazy about the color. It says Fuchsia, but it is really maroon to me. I like tops like this to wear under cardigans at work, but this isn't one I would have pulled off the rack.

Verdict: KEEP
#3 - Mavi- Kalie Denim Jacket - $98.00
I kind of knew I wouldn't keep this piece before I opened it up. I already have a few jean jackets and $98.00. Uh. No thanks. It helped me confirm that decision when it didn't fit. Too tight around the waist and too long in the arms. Yuck.
Verdict: RETURN
#4 - Tart - Vida Zip-Up Cardigan - $78.00
I LOVED this. As soon as I pulled it out, I was in love. I love the thumb holes, the gray, the stripes. LOVE. And in all honesty I think I would get a lot of good out of it. However, I cannot justify spending $80.00 on a sweatshirt. I just can't. Plus...I didn't like it zipped up. The band across the waist was not flattering.
Verdict: RETURN
#5 - Rikka - Betty Chevron Infinity Scarf  - $32.00
Super cute and who doesn't love a chevron scarf, but I have about 6. Got them on Jane.com for super cheap so I just didn't need it.
Verdict: RETURN
All in all, I'm very happy with my first Fix. Here is what I love about it:
1. They do the shopping for me.
2. They choose pieces that I would never pick out, but may (and did) like.
3. They have pieces you can't find near my hometown.
4. I'm not really out anything but $20 IF I choose not to keep anything.
If you want to try it out, I would love for you to click here and use me as a referral! Let me know if you try it and like it. Oh...and I'll be scheduling my next fix this weekend!!!

Dr. Seuss fun and a GREAT GIVEAWAY!

Well, our week full of Dr. Seuss fun turned into 2 days! We got ICE and SNOW last Sunday and were out Monday-Wednesday. On Friday we had GOOD KINDER FUN! (Like the old days.) After reading Bartholomew And The Oobleck....we made Oobleck!!! So fun!

The sounds that came from those sweet mouths when they stuck their hands in were the best!
They each got to take some home!

We also made Green Eggs and Ham of course. We mixed the yellow eggs with blue food coloring and ate up!

Before we ate, we predicted if we would like them or not, then after we ate them we graphed our results. (I forgot the picture of the graph). This response was one of my favorites. She is one of me ESL students. LOVE!

We also made this ADORABLE Lorax picture I found on pinterest!


We haven't added our eyes or mustaches yet because it was crazy and we had to wait for them to dry. That was an independent center (except for the handprint). I LOVED the different ways they made their truffula trees!

At last, I took their pictures for their scrapbooks. Seriously? SO cute!
Okay, I know. You are really just here for the giveaway! One of my colleagues just posted these ADORABLE Sight Word Tri-Folds! I DIE over them!!!!




AWESOME right? I cannot wait to use them this week!!!! She has graciously agreed to give one away to one of my readers! Yup! You can win one! It's easy....just enter below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

RTI for Tier 3 and Tier 2

Do you have some kiddos who are still struggling with letter and sound identification? I always have 1-2 students who still need that letter and sound awareness. Typically these are the students who are in Tier 3 or Tier 2 and students I hope to retain. I found that I need something for those students to work on that was consistent and allowed them to work independently. Last year I created my RTI units for each letter of the alphabet. My little one is 4 and starts Kindergarten in the fall so I thought it would be fun to start doing these with her. She LOVED them and insisted on doing them all in 1 night. (Think she might be a teacher one day????) They were very easy for her, but she knows all the letters and sounds. She was SUPER excited to read the little reader! (Excuse the pajamas...it was a snow day. We wore those ALL day!)  Here is what is included in each unit:
Circle the letter, identify the correct beginning sound picture, write the letter.

Color the letter, identify the correct beginning sound picture by writing the letter.

Cut and sort capital and lowercase letters.

Color the path of the letters to get the object to it's home.

Identify the pictures that start with the letter, color, cut, and glue in boxes.

Color, cut, and read predictable text feature 3 different sight words for each letter! (This was her FAVORITE!)


There are also 2 review pages (of all letters) included. A cut and paste (similar to above) and the one below.

Do you think this is something you could use in your classroom? You can grab them by letter in my store or save $ and buy the bundles!



Winner and a Freebie

We finally got a winner! Congrats to Lisa for guessing my ???????? on my Currently post. She was right when she guessed my next 3 vacations. I've decided to make a trip to somewhere near Destin for Spring Break with my family, my husband and I are going to Punta Cana this summer, and we are going to Disney in the fall!!! I'm so excited (and broke!) Be checking your email Lisa!!!

I also have a quick freebie for everyone! We are working on blends and I needed a little something extra for my centers so I made these quick Write the Room Blends freebie! I hope you can use it!

I have another Ice/Snow Day tomorrow (and I'm not happy). I'm so over it!

Currently March

March? Is it March? Really....I didn't know because we have ICE and 4-9 inches of snow coming down! Worst. Winter. Ever.
I am linking up with Farley for her Currently series again. You have GOT to check out her blog design. It is ADORABLE! I LOVE the buck!!!! Here is my currently for March!

Yes...this weather is killing me if you cannot tell! I want my summer!!!!
Loving - I am SUPER excited that I just paid for my blog design tonight! I cannot wait. I've been dying for one and finally took the plunge tonight.
Wanting - To finish those products. I'm going to try to work on them tomorrow but I also try hard to spend time with my child when we are home together. I don't get those days often!
Needing - I've been trying to be healthy. We are eating healthy and working out. Something about this weather makes me wanna eat. We had pizza tonight (not good) and I didn't hit the elliptical. I am supposed to start T25 with my team when we go back to school. (If we ever go back!)
And my ?????? - You guess. What was my question that would have lead to those answers. The first one to guess wins my Lucky Me St. Patty's Day unit! Leave your answers and email in the comments below!!!