RTI for Tier 3 and Tier 2

Do you have some kiddos who are still struggling with letter and sound identification? I always have 1-2 students who still need that letter and sound awareness. Typically these are the students who are in Tier 3 or Tier 2 and students I hope to retain. I found that I need something for those students to work on that was consistent and allowed them to work independently. Last year I created my RTI units for each letter of the alphabet. My little one is 4 and starts Kindergarten in the fall so I thought it would be fun to start doing these with her. She LOVED them and insisted on doing them all in 1 night. (Think she might be a teacher one day????) They were very easy for her, but she knows all the letters and sounds. She was SUPER excited to read the little reader! (Excuse the pajamas...it was a snow day. We wore those ALL day!)  Here is what is included in each unit:
Circle the letter, identify the correct beginning sound picture, write the letter.

Color the letter, identify the correct beginning sound picture by writing the letter.

Cut and sort capital and lowercase letters.

Color the path of the letters to get the object to it's home.

Identify the pictures that start with the letter, color, cut, and glue in boxes.

Color, cut, and read predictable text feature 3 different sight words for each letter! (This was her FAVORITE!)


There are also 2 review pages (of all letters) included. A cut and paste (similar to above) and the one below.

Do you think this is something you could use in your classroom? You can grab them by letter in my store or save $ and buy the bundles!



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