Hall Pass!

I love linky parties! They are so much fun...especially when you are SUPER tired and can't think of what to blog about! EEK! I'm linking up with Reagan for her Hall Pass Linky!

I don't have hall passes. Do you? I have a bathroom in my room and if they are leaving for office or nurse they have to have an office slip, so I just don't see a need for them. Anywho. Here is how you play:

My favorite products are probably my Letter RTI packets. I am SLOWLY but surely finishing them. I am selling them individually now, but will bundled them at a discounted price when they are all complete.

Here is why I love them: They are the same...for each letter. You get the exact same practice (3 practice sheets), a little reader, and 2 practice sheets to review letters. LOVE! This is perfect for my Tier 3 kiddos!

My favorite area would have to be my quiet carpet area where most of my whole group instruction takes place. I have NO idea what I did before an ACTIVboard. For realz. I love that thing!!!

Well, let's see. I have a few. The timer is set for the allotted amount of time. Students know when that goes off to get ready to switch centers. (Heads down and lights are out). The star students counts 1,2,3 for the switch. Here's the signals - 1-Heads up, 2 -Stand up and push in chair, and 3-rotate. It works well. I've loved reading everyone's signals and we may be trying some new ones next year!
My assistant.Y'all. Couldn't live without her. She is my sanity. I'm a tense person who never relaxes. She knows when I need some time and she will take over/give me a minute/tell me to relax. Gotta love her!
I hope you will link up!!!

Read Across America Fun

So I consider the next holiday after Valentine's Day to be Dr. Seuss' birthday Read Across America Day. Yep. I'm a little scared to use Dr. Seuss' name in anything. They are suing the fire out of people from what I hear, so I just won't even talk about it! :) Last year I created a Dr. Seuss unit before they did a cease and desist and insisted on all Scrappin' Doodle Dr. Seuss clipart be removed. :( I loved that unit, so I just changed the clipart to Circus clipart that still looks similar and matches the color theme! Here is it:

This unit is full of great activities to use during the Dr. Seuss Read Across America holiday.

You get the following math and literacy centers:
We look very much forward to celebrating this author. Here are a few things we have planned for our classroom:
We have already started these from First Grade Fresh. LOVE!
I will use this frame I used last year again to take their pictures for their scrapbook.

Our school is doing a whole Read Across America theme next week as well! We really go all out. I've been reading Dr. Seuss books like crazy. We need all the help we can get with rhyming words! Whew!

What We've Been Doing and a Freebie!

I'll tell ya what we've been doing...washing our hands!!! Like CRAZY!!!! I had a couple of days last week where I had like 5 kids out leaving me with only 14! I think it mostly the stomach bug, not the flu but I don't want either! Just wanted to give you a quick update on what we've been doing lately!

We started word families. I saw this on pinterest last year so I gave it a whirl. This is my kiddos choosing a word family, writing each word and drawing a picture to match.

I don't know about you but rhyming is something they totally get - or they don't. Like. At. All. Whew!!! We are working hard on it though!

Remember me posting about these boxes? Well, we are doing them again this year in our Word Play center. They love this activity from Cara Carroll! (I put a sticker on the first letter of each word. My kiddos needed that this year.)

We are also fixing my broken sentences! :(

And practicing those rhyming words! Whew!

These are from my Lovely Literacy Centers unit! You can find it, my Lovely Math Centers or get the bundle in my store!

And now for the freebie! Don't forget to grab my Conversation Heart Freebie!

Superbowl Sale

I am so excited tomorrow to watch the Superbowl game eat all of the yummy appetizers! Ha! I mean really...who goes to parties to actually watch the game? Not this chicka! I don't even care about the commercials! Me and the little one are going to a kid friendly Superbowl Party (no hubbies) with lots of yummy food!

One thing I will be doing before I go to the party is scoop up lots of great goodies at the TPT sale! That's right! A Superbowl Sale!!! I will be throwing a 20% off sale in my store. That, along with the 10% from TPT...you can save 28%!!!

Here is what you can grab in my store for a great deal! I just finished my Lovely Literacy and Math Centers! This unit is jam packed with math and literacy centers aligned with Common Core!

If you just teach one of the content areas, I have also split those up and you can purchase them separately!

I have also uploaded my new Circus Fun unit. Note: This was previously my Dr. Seuss unit. Due to copyright issues, I had to change the clipart. If you have already purchased that unit, you may go back and download the circus theme! It is the same unit however, I did not change the content.

I hope everyone a great Superbowl Sunday! Get your game shopping on!

Currently February

Yay! It's time for Currently again! :) I'm linking up with Farley again this month!
Oooh - So loving and needing are all about my new house!!!! We FINALLY have the hardwood floors in!! Paint is done. Cabinets go in next week and hubby starts trimming! :) Soooo excited!
I have no idea what my deal is but I cannot make any decisions. The last time we built I was pregnant...you know when are are supposed to be do indecisive. Yeah. Well I had no problem them. I can.not. make any decisions. I have to order lights tonight!!! Eeek!
Wanting - Matilda Jane! Good lord! I am so addicted to that stuff! They released their new line tonight and I'm in love! There goes 1/2 of my paycheck!
Pet Peeves - Well, I am just so sick of colleagues who never pull their weight and keep the same paycheck I do. I work my booty off and they do squat and well, they still have a job. GRRRR. Apparently you can miss 40 days a year and still keep your job! Okay. I feel better! :)
I hope you will join up with Farley!