Best Pencil Sharpener Ever and a winner

Well congrats to Ash from Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks! She correctly guess what day Thursday is for kindergarten at my school and won my Number Fun 1-10 unit! Her guess...PAJAMA DAY!!! Whoop! Whoop! The 4th letter we learn in the letter Pp and we always have pajama day. We read the 3 Little Pigs and have a Pp party at the end of day with Pp food - purple punch, pringles, pixie sticks, pickles, potato chips, pretzels, popsicles, pepperoni...You name it! on to the real business! I received this pencil sharpener the summer from Classroom Friendly Supplies.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical because well, I just like my electric sharpener. Actually I have a love/hate relationship with it but not anymore. I hate it...compared to this puppy. It is awesome and quiet. Let me tell you who REALLY loves wonderful assistant:
She LOVES this thing and should know...she is the one who sharpens pencils. Look at these beauties after she sharpened them.

They sharpen perfect EVERY time and the whole class doesn't know you are sharpening because it so quiet! Here is a pencil getting ready to get sharpened.

My assistant NEVER uses the new electric sharpener we got....this is her new BFF! I'm telling you that if you buy one of these, you won't regret it! Just click here to grab yours!

Number Fun

I'm so excited! I just finished my Number Fun 1-10 unit!

This 42 page unit is PACKED with lots of great activities to use in your classroom to teach and review number sense 1-10. This unit meets TONS of those Kindergarten Common Core Standards including:

K.CC.1 – Count to 10 by ones

K.CC.2- Count forward beginning from a given number

K.CC.3 – Write numbers from 1-10, Represent a number of objects with a written numeral

K.CC.4 – Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities

K.CC.5 – Count to answer "How many?" questions

Click on the picture above to read more!

Want to win one? This Thursday is one of my favorite days in Kindergarten (at our school)! The first person to guess what kind of day it is wins!

You can thank me later!

Not sure where I have been...oh wait! It's swamped with the first 3 weeks of school!!! I finally got around to checking out my stats this weekend and found this:

Do you see that first URL - School Supply Addict? I had never heard of that blog (again...maybe I've been under a rock) but since I seem to have TONS of traffic from there, I thought I must check it out! Well, I am so glad I did! Ashley lives in Switzerland and has an Oh.So.Cute blog! There is a WHOLE PAGE on classroom management and then a whole page of cute rooms!!!! (Which is where mine is featured and the traffic is coming from). LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I haven't had time to do a whole lot of searching on her blog, but I will be making the time to do so soon! You must check out this blog. You will be on there FOREVER!!!! Just click on her button below. Make sure you have lots of time to explore! You can thank me later!

3's and S's...whew

Well, this week was a challenge to say the least! Our reading series introduces S and our math series introduces! I'm mean..come on!!!! It was killing me! (Well, my assistant...she does handwriting!) We've been wearing out a highlighter....until another assistant thought of a great idea. Put 2 dots and tell them to go around them and do not touch them! Brillant. They think it is a game! Let me tell you! Love that woman! 

Like those handwriting paper? Get yours here. What do you do to help kiddos with handwriting?

PS....those are 2 kiddos who had never had preschool and hadn't used a pencil until 2 weeks ago when school started!

Hurry and enter

Hurry on over to Mrs. Standford's Class.


I am giving away my Alphabet Beginning Sounds Pack to 1 lucky winner!

She has a few other AWESOME giveaway too! Hurry! You have 1 hour!

Must Have Monday

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for their Must Have Mondays!

Diet Mountian Dew. It's my crack. I can't stop.

My new Erin Condren planner. Love it! It makes me happy everytime I open it up.

My USB key. Seriously? What did we do before them? I've lost 3...yes 3 this summer. Well, not lost as in can't find it. More like lost like broke off in my computer (which they could recover) and the next brand new one I bought shorted out after I got everything back on it. (Couldn't recover that.) :(

My laminator. Duh.
If you want to link up, just hop on over!

It's Christmas Again

So remember this post where I received all of those AWESOME teacher items from Well, imagine my surprise when I come home and there is a package at my house. I am completely stumped as to what it could be because I have no money until payday and I am almost certain I didn't order anything. I mean, I order a lot online and really have no idea what I have and haven't ordered, but I'm pretty sure since my back account is $0 that I didn't. The hubby is looking at me like "I thought you didn't have any spending money?" I get a little nervous. When I see Kindergarten Korner on the package instead of my name I am really stumped. So I open the package and here is what I saw:

Eeek!!!! I was jumping up and down. The wonderful people at CraftProjectIdeas selected me to receive a Back to School package! I was beyond excited!!! (And so was little one). We have made about 15 of these bracelets but that is okay!

There are thousands of beads and 100 chenille stems!!!

And who can't use craft sticks, pom poms, and paint brushes?

And do see these magnets?

I I had one thing of my list to get this weekend at Wal-mart for school and it was these EXACT magnets!!! It was the craziest thing that I actually received them. As I am browsing their webpage to look at their products, I see these:

Ummm...all of you kinder teachers will TOTALLY relate I am sure. I use this size (25mm) wiggly eyes all the time and you cannot find these anywhere except Hobby Lobby. They sell packages of them in every other size through the school supply companies but not 25mm. Well, guess who does....Wal-mart through CraftProjectIdeas!!! Yay!!! I now will be going to Wal-mart. I have my magnets but I am so getting these eyes!
So thank you CraftProjectIdeas. All of these items can be found at Wal-mart!!!! Go grab yours!!!

Back To School Sale

I LOVE a sale, don't you?? Well, you're in luck! I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' and having a Back to School Sale in my TPT shop August 12-13!

I am offering at 20% discount in my store....TPT is offering a 10% discount (if you put in the coupon code BTS12) so that is 28% off all items in my store!!! Woop! Woop! Here is what you can pick up:

NEW Kindergarten Memory/Scrapbook Unit

Reading Around the Rainbow Unit
Alphabet Handwriting Practice

Alphabet Beginning Sounds

Vertical Behavior Chart System

Hurry and get things in your wishlist! The sale is only 2 days long...I have over 20 items in my wishlist!!!

You've Been Framed!

I know you have seen those ADORABLE empty frames that say My First Day of Kindergarten. Well, I made one and I LOOOOOOOVE it! Here it is being put to use this morning.

 I took each students pictures using the frame to include in the scrapbook I make for each child. In the past, I just took a normal picture and included cute clipart like this:

I think the framed picture will be SO much cuter!!!! I have been doing these for my students for 10 years. Each students gets a spiral bound scrapbook or memory book at the end of the year that includes 2-3 pictures for each month, along with a cute quote that has something to do with the month or what we learned. Here are a few other examples:

I also save writing and artwork from that month to include. Do you like the idea of a scrapbook or memory book for your students? Well, your life just got a lot easier! I have taken these quotes and put them together to create a Kindergarten Scrapbook/Memory Book unit. There are 2 different ways to use this. You can run the quote on small pieces of paper and cut out and place on paper with 2 or more pictures (cute stickers too) or you can just use the whole page quote with cute clipart that will allow you to place just 1 picture. (This is better for a smaller book.) All items in this unit are BLACK AND WHITE so that you can customize on your own colored paper (and save colored ink). If you would like to begin making these with your students, just click the picture below!

My Classroom

Well, (sniff, sniff) my summer is over and school begins TOMORROW!!!! I did the final touches on my classroom today and I am ready to reveal! (WARNING: LOTS OF PICTURES)

I LOVE My Banner from Little Lovely Leaders! I realize I should have turn off the flash but it says "We ♥ Kindergarten". (She has one for EVERY grade!)

It was just what I needed to add to my pendant banner I made last year.

Here is the view from the back of the room.

I have these signs hanging above each table. The frames are from IKEA. I made them 3-4 years ago, but I was just there this summer and they still have them!

My Vertical Behavior System clipart! You can purchase it here.

My classroom rules. Free from Deanna Jump! LOVE!

My birthday balloons. These are free from Mrs. Hilderbrand.

I bought these cute containers in the Dollar Spot at Target. Put my Cricut and Vinyl to use. Each child will have a popsicle stick with their name on it in each cup. I will use the "Pick Me" for EVERYTHING. To select students to work on Activboard, read out loud, line up in a different order, etc. The "Star Student" one will be how I select a Star Student at the end of each week.

Students cubbies where they store their daily work and folders until the end of the day.

My classroom Jobs display.

This is beside my Calendar (which is done through Everyday Counts on the ACTIVboard).

I made these cuties for my tornado, fire, and lockdown plans as well as lunch menu. I would TOTALLY share, but it got lost when my USB shorted out! :(

My transportation display from here.

My door. Oooh! I LOVE it!

I bought these years ago. I keep it outside the classroom with my class list.

My AR wall. Students are recognized for reaching 50% and 100% with rewards. This is HUGE at my school.

We use these little guys to place on the magnets and move. We send these home the first week of class and it is their "homework" to decorate it. They are so original! I love them!

Look at the banner I got for above my AR display. I got it on for $1!!! (Plus $8.95 shipping). It is thick vinyl. Love, Love, Love!

The back of the room. Homeliving center.

My desk. I keep my desk because 1: I sit there during planning and 2: right behind it is my computer that controls everything on my ACTIVboard!

My clean rug! That puppy is like 5-6 years old! Love our janitors!

My read alouds organized so nicely!

Well, that is my room! I am SO lucky to have a HUGE room! :) Very blessed I know!