3's and S's...whew

Well, this week was a challenge to say the least! Our reading series introduces S and our math series introduces 3....wow! I'm mean..come on!!!! It was killing me! (Well, my assistant...she does handwriting!) We've been wearing out a highlighter....until another assistant thought of a great idea. Put 2 dots and tell them to go around them and do not touch them! Brillant. They think it is a game! Let me tell you! Love that woman! 

Like those handwriting paper? Get yours here. What do you do to help kiddos with handwriting?

PS....those are 2 kiddos who had never had preschool and hadn't used a pencil until 2 weeks ago when school started!


  1. What a great idea for the s formation! I'm totally going to use that!

  2. I am so not jealous of you! I am already dreading both 3 and S...I seem to have quite a few who have never held a pencil before! Love the handwriting paper!

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