It's Christmas Again

So remember this post where I received all of those AWESOME teacher items from Well, imagine my surprise when I come home and there is a package at my house. I am completely stumped as to what it could be because I have no money until payday and I am almost certain I didn't order anything. I mean, I order a lot online and really have no idea what I have and haven't ordered, but I'm pretty sure since my back account is $0 that I didn't. The hubby is looking at me like "I thought you didn't have any spending money?" I get a little nervous. When I see Kindergarten Korner on the package instead of my name I am really stumped. So I open the package and here is what I saw:

Eeek!!!! I was jumping up and down. The wonderful people at CraftProjectIdeas selected me to receive a Back to School package! I was beyond excited!!! (And so was little one). We have made about 15 of these bracelets but that is okay!

There are thousands of beads and 100 chenille stems!!!

And who can't use craft sticks, pom poms, and paint brushes?

And do see these magnets?

I I had one thing of my list to get this weekend at Wal-mart for school and it was these EXACT magnets!!! It was the craziest thing that I actually received them. As I am browsing their webpage to look at their products, I see these:

Ummm...all of you kinder teachers will TOTALLY relate I am sure. I use this size (25mm) wiggly eyes all the time and you cannot find these anywhere except Hobby Lobby. They sell packages of them in every other size through the school supply companies but not 25mm. Well, guess who does....Wal-mart through CraftProjectIdeas!!! Yay!!! I now will be going to Wal-mart. I have my magnets but I am so getting these eyes!
So thank you CraftProjectIdeas. All of these items can be found at Wal-mart!!!! Go grab yours!!!


  1. I need to get those magnets! You got some great things!

  2. I need all those goodies! I love doing crafts with my Kinders! We use the pony beads to make bracelets with our names! Wow! So many ideas running through my head! Have fun! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  3. We used pony beads and the chenille stems as rewards. The pony beads were color a friend, kind words, hard work etc. When the kiddo's filled their stem they could pick a special charm and then wear it as a bracelet or hang it on their bookbag. It was a great motivator all year long!

    Joy of Kindergarten