I love a good sale!

I'm so excited that Teachers Pay Teachers has finally announced their sale! If you haven't heard (and I'm sure you have), their sale will be Thursday and Friday. I am also throwing a sale in my store.....you can save 28%!

Are you ready to stock up and clear out that wish list? I am! Here are a few of the things you can get in my store during the sale:
A celebration of a little cat we all know (I'm celebrating Dr. Seuss week next week).
St. Patrick's Day Literacy and Math Centers


RTI Units for Letters A-M and N-Z

Long Vowels Unit

Don't forget to put in TPT3 as your code when you check out. I cannot tell you how many times I have done that!!!! Happy Shopping!

Do you want to be in my club?

That's the question I have been asking my kiddos the last few weeks since I implemented "Kinder Clubs". This idea was not one of my own. Kim Adsit from KinderGals talked about this is one of her sessions I attended at the Kindergarten Conference I attended in November. She did the funniest impersonation of a student who wanted to be in her clubs. (Y'all...she's so funny!) Anywho...as soon as she introduced us to clubs I was sold!
It is such a great way to encourage, motivate, and make students excited to learn. You can have a club for everything in the world. It took me a bit (since my conference was in November) to get these underway...but we are up and running.

Here is the jist: You have clubs for anything you want:
Write to 20
Count to 20
Count to 100
Write to 100
Tie Your Shoes
Sit Quietly
Good Manners
Knows Sight Words
Raises Hand
Doesn't Blurt Out
Knows ABC's
Knows Letter Sounds

You get the point. As students master a club, they can write their name on the sign. The whole point of the club is to recognize those who are doing the right thing or know content taught. I like that you have a variety of clubs...this way every student has a chance to be a part of at least 1 club.

My kids are itching to be "tested" for a club. I have definitely had more kiddos practicing shoe tying at home. Can I get an AMEN????


Obviously these aren't as "Fancy" as I would like but it was a quick fix to something I felt I needed to do to encourage some kiddos to do the right thing. Kim had her clubs made into a large book. I had a blank space on the wall so I went with it!  I'm curious. Do you have clubs? If you do, which clubs do you have?

Winter Games Freebie

Wow! Our Valentines Day was CRAZY!!! At 10:15 we find out we are having an early release at 12:30. We are right in the middle of Valentine centers and we have to immediately stop and go to lunch then be prepared to have our Valentines Day party at 11:45. EEK!!! We did it, but mercy me! It was a hot mess. The district was being cautious as we were right on the border line of rain or ice....we just got rain. Lots of it, but just rain. Thank goodness!!!
My hubby surprised me with flowers. I was super surprised and it melted my heart even more that he also sent 1 flower to our 4 year old at daycare. Say it with me...Awwww! She was so excited. Here are my beautiful flowers!

This week we are doing an Olympic "Winter Games" theme. I can't wait to show my kiddos examples of some of the sports. Curling is my favorite. I wanted some review practice with syllables for my pocket chart center, so I made this quick center for extra practice. It is a freebie for you! Just click on the picture below.

Also, I know a certain "cat" has a birthday coming up. I have a great circus themed unit that looks very much like the cat theme if you are wanting a great unit to use that week!
I also had a request from a sweet follower to take one printable from my RTI units and create a unit that has it for each letter so I happily obliged. I created this packet and placed it in my store:
Here is a sample of what you will find for each letter of the alphabet:
I hope you have a great weekend!

ICE is overrated...and writer's workshop

Okay.....I am OVER this whole season called winter. I love me some snow days but we are on day 11!!!!!!!!! Ugh! We didn't go Monday...went Tuesday with an early release, then got iced in on Tuesday night, and were out Wednesday-Friday. While I LOVE spending time with my little one, I'd rather be doing it by the pool in June. I also miss my kiddos and the nice smooth routine we had (before Christmas).
We did make good use of our 1/2 day on Tuesday. I started Deanna and DeeDee's writer's workshop!

I know I am about oh....5 months late, but our district bought a new reading series this year with a writing component. We were told to follow it "with fidelity". So I did until I realized the writing component completely stinks! I went to my principal and she agreed that I needed to do what I thought was best for my kiddos. So...out goes reading series writing and in goes Writer's Workshop.
I started it a little earlier than this last year and my kiddos LOVED it. Well, we only got 1 day in but Oh.My.Goodness! They loved it and so did I! Here are some examples of their sweet writings.

HOPEFULLY we will be back on Monday! Although they are calling for snow tonight and oh wait! More next week! (Insert sad face.)

Currently February

I seriously cannot believe it is already February. I'm still writing 13 on my checks! I'm linking up with Farley for her Currently series.

Loving - SO excited we are going to school! We have had 8 snow days this year. 5 of those the students don't have to make up (but we do). From now on they are tacked onto the end of the school year! BOO!!!! We didn't go today because we got a surprise 3-5 inches in our county. Tomorrow we are going...but I'm guessing we will have an early release. They are predicting ice!
Wanting - I need some prayers for a friend tonight. All are appreciated!
Truth - I have been working out almost nightly. Those who know me probably think that is the fib. HA! Nope! We bought an elliptical machine and I have promised to use it. I'm quite proud of myself because I despise it!

Truth - We turned down a trip we won (through my husbands business) to the Atlantis. Before you hate me...listen to my reasoning (because trust me...I pro and conned it like crazy!)
Pros: The trip is paid for (as in the flight and room), A week of relaxation, Time alone with hubby,
Cons: The trip is not inclusive...would have cost us $2500ish, I have to take 5 unpaid days, sub plans for that week plus be prepared for when I come back, I HATE flying, I've never left my daughter for more than 3 days (7 out of the country was not happening), I don't know any of the people going with us. See how the Cons won??
Fib - I love to Cook. Ha! Not. So. Much. Nuff. Said.
I hope you will link up!

Super Bowl Sunday Sale

Hate me now...I'm just not the sports kind of gal. I do Super Bowl Sunday for the fun appetizers. Granted...this year we aren't doing anything but I'm still going to whip up a few of my favorite dips! Anyone else just go for the food???

I am throwing a Super Sale in my store...today only!

All items in my store will be 20% off!!! This is a great time to grab my Lovely Math and Literacy Centers!!!

This unit is full of math and literacy centers for your Kindergarten/1st grade classroom. If you just want math OR literacy...I also have them listed separately!
You can also grab this Conversation Heart Graphing Freebie while you are there!
 Enjoy your day! They are calling for more bad weather our way.......ALL WEEK. I'm always the first teacher to want a snow day, but I'm over it now!!!!!!