ICE is overrated...and writer's workshop

Okay.....I am OVER this whole season called winter. I love me some snow days but we are on day 11!!!!!!!!! Ugh! We didn't go Monday...went Tuesday with an early release, then got iced in on Tuesday night, and were out Wednesday-Friday. While I LOVE spending time with my little one, I'd rather be doing it by the pool in June. I also miss my kiddos and the nice smooth routine we had (before Christmas).
We did make good use of our 1/2 day on Tuesday. I started Deanna and DeeDee's writer's workshop!

I know I am about oh....5 months late, but our district bought a new reading series this year with a writing component. We were told to follow it "with fidelity". So I did until I realized the writing component completely stinks! I went to my principal and she agreed that I needed to do what I thought was best for my kiddos. So...out goes reading series writing and in goes Writer's Workshop.
I started it a little earlier than this last year and my kiddos LOVED it. Well, we only got 1 day in but Oh.My.Goodness! They loved it and so did I! Here are some examples of their sweet writings.

HOPEFULLY we will be back on Monday! Although they are calling for snow tonight and oh wait! More next week! (Insert sad face.)

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  1. Your kids have some nice handwriting. Agreed:Go Away iceter. (My term for ice and winter)