It's a Sale!

I'm so excited!! Teachers Pay Teachers is having their Back to School Sale Sunday-Monday!!!!

Yay!!! I am throwing a sale in my store for 20% off + TPT's 10% off sale and well somehow that adds up to 28% off! (Don't ask!) I know we are all back in the swing of school (or getting there) so we could all use those awesome units to help save you time in the mad rush of Back to School! Here are a few great things you can pick up in my store:



Now is the time to stock up! Make sure you enter the code BTS13 to get the additional 10% off of my 20% sale! Happy Shopping!

Classroom Digs - Room Reveal

I'm linking up with the Teacher Week '13 linky party!

Today is all about your Classroom. Here is my room reveal!

This is the view from the door showing the left side of my room.

We are starting to do The 7 Habits at our school. These are from Little Lovely Leaders and they are free!

This is our AR wall. Students decorate little people cutouts and we add their faces. As they earn AR points they move to 50% and 100%. Our school gives HUGE rewards for these 2 percentages. The banner came from Shindigz.

Here is my Rainbow Used for my Rainbow Words Unit. Their names will be on little clouds. As they pass one level of words, they place their name on that color.

Here is my word wall where I place the words as we learn them. (Notice the wifi between the C and D? I removed the big box until we actually get wifi.)
Here is my banner also from Little Lovely Leaders.


Here is my new Writing Station. The pencil is just like this one from The Teacher Wife. (I didn't know you could print it for free! I just tried to make one like it. Should have read first!) I love the writing center unit from A Cupcake From A Teacher. I left the space at the bottom at add Monthly Words from my Monthly Writing Words unit (which I am currently redoing).

Here is my stations board. You can read more about that here.

                      Here are my literacy signs over each station area (also from my literacy station cards).

The view from the very back of the left side of the room. Yes. My room is MASSIVE!

Here is my new Journey's unit. Unpacked but not organized yet.

My desk. Next year I am going to paint it. It's been this way for 7+ years!

My class jobs. From here.

Here is my WOW work board!

Our brand new computers. Our district updated to Windows 8 and we got BRAND NEW computers!

My class rules display also from here.

My Clipchart from my Vertical Behavior Chart unit also available in Chevron now.

My birthday balloons from Mrs. H.

My student cubbies. LOVE this system!

My star student jar and pick me jar (where I choose students to call on). More to come on that!

A few from the back right side of the room!

I didn't get everything done like I would have liked. School snuck up on me fast!!!! Have a great week!

Let's Talk About Me

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Today is All About Me! 
1. I have been married to my husband for 6 years. We were high school friends, so we go way back!

2. Our little girl Lilly is our world.

3. I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when I was 26 and I currently wear the Omnipod.

4. My husband is a home builder (so we build and move frequently). This is our house we just moved into in April. I love it and wanna stay! :)

5. I have been teaching at my current school for 12 years in the same classroom and same grade. I LOVE kindergarten and I love my school!

6. My hobbies are blogging, shopping, sewing, and boating. I kind of like to shop. A Lot. Especially for my daughter. I sort of love Matilda Jane.

(photo from genevieve nisley)

7. I LOVE Diet Mt. Dew. Like addicted.

8. I never write in black or blue pens (unless I'm signing report cards or school documents). I only use Flair Pens.

9. I don't watch much TV, but if I favorite shows are:


10. I am not an animal person. Like I think they are cute and all, but they aren't for me. I'm allergic to pretty much any animal on earth. (I hope this last one didn't make me lose some readers!)
That is just a little about me. I hope you will link up so we can learn more about you!

My Little Monsters - The First Week

EDIT: I'm so sorry! I have unlocked the Monster Freebie! Please go down and grab it! Thanks!

Whew! I survived. (Okay...barely.) I forget EVERY YEAR how worn out I am after the first day of school. I forget EVERY YEAR how little they know. But, I also forget EVERY YEAR how sweet they are. I forget EVERY YEAR how they think I am the best thing since sliced bread and they LOVE school! We had a FUN filled first 3 days!!! This year we did a monster theme for Back to School. This is the first year ever that I have done a monster theme instead of The Gingerbread Man.

I have some AWESOME resources to help me with this theme.

First I used Kathleen's Monster Manner's unit. It is free in her store (click on the picture below).

I read the story A Monster Goes to School. It is so cute and talks about how the monster can't follow the rules and doesn't have manners. This led into discussing our class rules and behavior management system. It was so cute and they loved it!

We also used Caitlin's Monsters! Back to School pack! SOOOO fun!

 She has some SUPER coloring sheets (because we gotta have something to do when they come in the room). This little reader was really cute too!

We also used a freebie from Caitlin on glue dots. After they practiced making the perfect glue dot, they got to sprinkle glitter. FUN!

I also used Danielle's Monster Maddness Math and Literacy Unit.

It has the cutest math activities (which my kiddos LOVED...especially the playdough mats). They also loved gluing eyes on the monsters.

To get the student's using Bingo Dotters, we did this fun (free) Roll and Dot activity from Little Miss Kindergarten!

Now, since I have always done The Gingerbread Man, made cookies, they ran away, we went on a hunt for them, etc, etc, etc....I wanted to do that again. It is so much fun and they love it! So...we did!

We decorated and made Monster cookies. They put mini M&M eyes and licorice mouths on them.

You won't believe what happened next! We went to show them to the principal and they jumped off the tray and starting running. In the halls! So....on a hunt we went. Unfortunately, the cookies ended up going to their houses for the night and we didn't find them until the next day! There were some sad kiddos and some crazy stories about how we should call the cops! They are so funny! If you want to do the same, click on the pictures below for the Monster hunt hints and the coloring sheet to tell the parents to play along and look for them at home!

Fonts by Rowdy in Room 300 and Clipart from Krista Wallden

Oh! And I found the cutest monster mouths for pictures at Hobby Lobby. They were in the party theme section! I loved them (and so did they!) These pictures will go in their scrapbook I make for them!

I'm nervous about a FULL week of school. I was in bed by 9:00 every night. May have to move it up to 8:00 next week!!!