A Peek At My Week

Can you believe it? I linking up again with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for her Peek At My Week Linky Party! 2 weeks in a row! Go me!

Here are my plans. Remember: You must click on images below and open in google docs. Then you have to download them in PDF to get links to products!

I know the kiddos will be WILD this week because...well it is the week before Fall Break! Yep...in T-5 days I am beach bound and this will be my view for 7 days.
Hate me now. It's okay! Have a great week!


I loved hearing what everyone had to say about their favorite subject. I used random.org to choose 2 winners.

Congrats to #15 - We Teach Like a Rockstar and #3 - Karyn. I will be sending you your winning unit soon!!!

Math centers and a Giveaway

So last year I began literacy centers. I had been doing a few different centers (like writing, phonics, reading, etc) with 5-6 kids at each station. After blogging and being inspired from so many (cough, cough....DeeDee Wills), I decided to jump into literacy centers after fall break. That was this time last year so I've been doing those for a year now. I LOVE them. I have 9 different literacy centers including Meet with Me. You can read more about that here.

Well, now that I feel like that is running like a well oiled trained, I decided to jump into math stations. I have 12 different math stations. I only do math stations 4 days a week so they visit each station 1 time. Having said that.....station 1 and 7 are the same and 6 and 12 are the same so that they visit each stations twice. There are 2 reasons for this. Our district mandates that we follow our Math in Focus curriculum and the workbooks that go with it. It isn't feasible for the kiddos to just go their once because if they visit it on Wednesday, I may have not taught the content until Thursday. Also, the district mandates that we complete so many Compass Odyssey episodes a week as well so 6 and 12 are computers.

Here are my math center stations for the week in my Peek at the Week:

Here is what my the chart looks like for students to determine where they go:

I have matching signs hanging throughout the room showing where to complete that center. Also at that center are boxes with the matching number that contains all items needed to complete that center. The students do SO well knowing how to form a straight line, find their number, go to their station, and complete it. They get 20 minutes at each station. Here are a few of our stations this week:
Linking from smallest to largest

Counting pumpkins and creating tens frames

First page of our Count of Halloween page.

Number word scramble from my Numbers 1-10 unit.

Okay...this was last week, but look how hard they are working together trying to figure out how to link numbers in order from 1-20. Precious. I love them.

Time Me

Students complete Compass Odyssey math lessons correlated to their MAP scores so it is COMPLETELY differentiated. LOVE!

Here is one of the IWB lessons that comes with our Math program. Um, hello. I didn't know about them last year. They are FREE! Geez!

Matching to figure out which has more and how many more. So great!

This was a lesson on matching numbers to objects to cards. Love!

To say I am THRILLED with how my math centers are going is an understatement. They are so hands on, excited, and engaged. When I say "Let's begin centers" they all go "YES!!!" Win, win for both of us! :) How has your week been. Do you do math centers?
Now, to the giveaway. I know...that is what you really wanted to know about! I have FINALLY finished my Number 11-20 unit that is the sequel to my best seller Number Fun 1-10.
I will give 2 away tomorrow night. Just leave a comment telling me what your favorite subject to teach is and why. I'll pick 2 randomly tomorrow! Good luck!

A Peek At My Week

I am so excited to be participating in Mrs. Will's A Peek At My Week linky party!

 Here is what we are doing this week. (Click on the images below then download once in Google Docs to open links to products.) We only have 2 weeks until Fall Break!!!!

Our district requires us to complete a certain amount of computer programs a week. One is Headsprout (a wonderful reading program) and the other is Compass Odyssey (which is aligned to their MAP scores so it is differentiated).
For more on our Seasons activities click here. We are beginning our Count of Halloween book now because it takes a while to get through it and we are out the first full week of October for Fall Break.
I've got more to share, but got some planning to do before these little kiddos come in 30 minutes! Have a great week! 

We Have a Winner!

We have a winner for my Pin It to Win It contest!

I have sent you an email! Thanks to all that entered. I hope you grabbed the great deal on Educents! For those of you who don't teach Kinder....keep your eyes open for bundles from other grade levels!!! Have a great week!

A Look At Our Week

We have a full fun week! We've been doing literacy centers since the first full week but this week was our first week of math centers. I was really hesitant about how it would go, but they did great!!!!!

This is our math chart. The students go to 3 different centers each day. (A total of 12 centers...we only do them 4 days a week.)
Our Math in Focus introduces the number 8 using oranges as an object to count. I love to play this little game where the kiddos pass the orange around and say... "Jack 1 the orange. Leslie 2 the orange. Mark 3 the orange...and so on until you get the Nya 8 the orange. Then I say "Nya...don't eat my orange! And they all crack up! Simple but they love it! 

Time me with numbers.


Linking numbers 1-20 from A Differentiated Kindergarten.

Count and record from A Differentiated Kindergarten.
I wanted more pictures but I was too busy making sure everyone was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing! I tell ya what...I was one tired girl!!!
I've had some questions about my daily schedule and I hope to be back soon with that. I am also going to ATTEMPT to do A Peek At My Week soon (not this week)...so stay tuned! :)
Don't forget my Pin It to Win It contest! There are only 4 entered so you have a good chance of winning ANY item from my store! :) 

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