Five For Friday (on a Saturday)

Well....I'm a day late. :) I had every intentions of doing this last night but this week kicked my booty!

We are full on in our literacy centers! (Their pictures are covered up.) I have a FULL class this year...there are 3 more rows below this chart. The kiddos are doing so well with rotations.

 Because a flipchart just can't be a flipchart. I have to make my covers fancy. It's a problem I have.

My kiddos love to play games! We are STRUGGLING with some sight words so we started playing this free game from KellysKindergarten and they love it! It's a quick easy print that you can the words to what you need!

How precious is this little outfit? Oh. I could eat her up! She is a doll and I about died when she came in for Grandparent's Day dressed up so sweet! Love my kiddos!

And my sweet girl! Gosh I love her so. I love this picture for many reasons. #1 - We finally live in a neighborhood where we can go up and down the sidewalks all day riding our scooter or bike. #2  - It's finally cool enough at nights to actually go outside at night. #3 - This shirt is a cancer awareness shirt for a friend we lost 3 weeks ago to cancer. (He was 34). I love when she wants to wear them in honor of him!

Don't forget about the great deal going on with Educents this week!!!! It has TONS of great sellers for Kinders! Make sure you click below and scoop it up! I have 2 units included in it as well!



  1. Had to smile at the title on your rotations chart - our lunch time detention is called Work Stations. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. Found your post on Five For Friday. Following! Smiles, Jayne
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