A Look At Our Week

We have a full fun week! We've been doing literacy centers since the first full week but this week was our first week of math centers. I was really hesitant about how it would go, but they did great!!!!!

This is our math chart. The students go to 3 different centers each day. (A total of 12 centers...we only do them 4 days a week.)
Our Math in Focus introduces the number 8 using oranges as an object to count. I love to play this little game where the kiddos pass the orange around and say... "Jack 1 the orange. Leslie 2 the orange. Mark 3 the orange...and so on until you get the Nya 8 the orange. Then I say "Nya...don't eat my orange! And they all crack up! Simple but they love it! 

Time me with numbers.


Linking numbers 1-20 from A Differentiated Kindergarten.

Count and record from A Differentiated Kindergarten.
I wanted more pictures but I was too busy making sure everyone was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing! I tell ya what...I was one tired girl!!!
I've had some questions about my daily schedule and I hope to be back soon with that. I am also going to ATTEMPT to do A Peek At My Week soon (not this week)...so stay tuned! :)
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