It's a Sale! It's a Sale!

I have been adding items to my wishlist like CRAZY since everyone is running a sale! I'm having a little sale at my Teacher's Notebook store. I'm a little embarrassed that I only have 4 items in my store, but it's better than none! I am so jealous of everyone who has the time to create these beautiful things. I somehow cannot seem to find the time ....I'm sure it is just my time management! :) I know if everyone else has time then I should too! Anywho...jump on over and get 20% off all 4 items in my shop. (Hee.Hee.)

What Day Is It?

Seriously...this mini vacation has me all thrown off! I just realized about 5:00 that it was Saturday and I needed to choose a winner!

 Congrats to Kerri from Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten! You are the winner of the blog design!  We can't wait to see your new makeover! Make sure to check out Caitlin's blog on Monday for the next giveaway. It is one you DON'T WANNA me! :)

Also, don't forget to be working on your partner's present! Please snap a picture BEFORE you send it and email it to us at 

Random Thoughts

A couple of random thoughts that I just needed to get out:

-I've noticed that I scream alot when I write. Actually, I intend for it to be excited, but I use ! all the time! I swear I think I end every sentence with one! I'm not mad or upset, just excited! I sure hope people don't take it the wrong way.
-My Christmas is up. Yep...I'm pretty excited! I ♥ Christmas decorations so much! I actually set my table this year using dishes I have had FOREVER.

-I noticed as I was downloading my pictures of my camera that I have 2377 photos on my camera card. I think it is time to clean it up...don't you?
- I'm doing the elf on the shelf this year. I gonna introduce it using an idea I found on pinterest. She is seriously creative and I love everything she does. If you haven't seen her blog, check her out.

I'm not sure it will really work with Lilly. She is 2 1/2 and when she's gonna throw a fit, she's gonna throw a fit. She doesn't care if Santa (or a stinkin' elf) is watching. Trust me....I've tried to use doesn't work.

I don't think  I will be on here tomorrow, so I want to wish everyone a
Don't forget, if you need a Christmas gift for your kiddos to give to your parents, check out my calendar idea. Also, the pre-made blog design giveaway ends on Friday! It's one you don't wanna miss!!! Enter here.

Who Needs a New Blog Design???

I am so excited about Holly Bloggy Christmas giveaway #5!!! A few months ago, I was in DESPERATE need of a blog makeover! Enter....Dreamlike Magic! She has the CUTEST blog designs you have ever seen. I LOVE her color combos. It seriously took me 2 weeks to figure out which design I wanted.

See what I mean? Would you like one yourself? One lucky Holly Bloggy Christmas participant will get a premade blog template worth $30!! Aren't you excited? Here is how you can win.

- Visit Dreamlike Magic's etsy shop and leave a comment letting me know which premade blog template you would choose.
-Go to Dreamlike Magic's facebook page and "like" them.
-Just for fun - This is the BIG shopping week! Leave us a comment and let us know if you have started shopping or if you are finished. I have not started yet, but plan on it this week and hope to be finished soon!

Entries begin now and run through Friday at 11:59p.m. I will choose a winner and let you know on Saturday!

Also, here are a few quick reminders about Holly Bloggy Christmas:
- In order to participate in the giveaways, you must be a participant!
- All partners have been emailed out.  If you still haven't received yours, check your junk mail and then email us at if you still can't find it.
- There is a $15 limit before shipping.
- Remember to snap a picture of the goodies you're shipping out and email it to us before you stick it in the mail.  We want to showcase all of the holiday cheer!  In your email with the picture, please include your blog address if it applies.  We will do a post on Christmas with all of the pictures and we want to link to your blog, but whew! I can't keep real names and blog names straight!
- Stick it in the mail by December 5th so it doesn't arrive late!
- On my Holly Bloggy Christmas page, you will find a short little form to fill out to let us know your gift arrived.  We want to keep tabs on it so no one goes without Holly Bloggy Cheer!  Just head over there and type in your name to let us know you received your gift.
- Absolutely NO PEEKING!  :)
- Feel free to post about all of the fun and thank your Holly Bloggy partner after Christmas!

If you have any questions, just let either me or Caitlin know!

Christmas Gift Idea

So I would love to know what you have your students give their parents for Christmas. In the past, we make the handprints out of mold then spraypainted with acrylic paint. They were cute but SO MUCH WORK. We all know how crazy the month of December is, so last year I came up with a new idea. The students created calendars to give to their parents. They turned out so cute, the students did all of the work, and parents actually used them! Here is a picture of what they look like put together. (Sorry for the fuzzy picture...I had a parent text me their picture).

I take a picture of the students holding this cute sign from a Back to School bulletin board kit that I got a few years ago. (I think it is Creative Teaching Press).

I put the picture, year, and star with their name at the top and laminated for durability. Then I just stapled the completed calendar to the bottom of the paper so that parents could tear off a page each month. I wrapped these and attached the card the students made. I had parents so tickled with these and claim that they are still using them and wish they had another one for next year! :) Would you like to do this with your kiddos? You can purchase the calendar from my teacher's notebook store! It is different than the picture shown above. I made it much cuter and added borders this year!

If you purchase it, leave me some feedback and let me know what you think! I would also love to hear what you do with your kiddos as gifts for their parents.

I have a winner!

Congratulations to Kelly B. aka Queen Bee! She is the winner of our Holly Bloggy Christmas Giveaway #3!

Don't forget to check out Ms. Preppy's blog on Monday for the next giveaway!


It is cold! I left this morning and it was like 60. I come home tonight and it is 41 and "blustery" as the news people put it! Brrrr!
Just wanted to let ya'll know that Holly Bloggy Christmas secret pals have been sent out! WHEW! We are so excited to have so many participants! Please let me know if you did not receive yours. I have double checked myself like 5 times, but I'm terrified I missed someone. We cannot wait to start getting pictures in our email as you all send them out!

Holly Bloggy Giveaway #3

I don't know about ya'll but I am really getting into the Christmas spirit. The stores are playing music, I'm starting to purchase Christmas gifts. I have the MAJOR itch to put out my Christmas. Yep...I"m one of those. I usually put it out the weekend before Thanksgiving. Sorry to those of you hate that. I just cannot get enough of Christmas decorations so I want to enjoy them as long as possible.
We have had 2 awesome giveaways already, and it is time for number 3! This giveaway include 2 prizes for 1 winner!!!!
The first is a $20 shop credit to Sew Joy Crafts on Etsy. She makes lots of cute things such as fabric binder covers, teacher totes, and baby bibs to just name a few!

The winner will get a $20 credit to choose what they want to get! How fabulous is that.

The winner of this giveaway will also get a copy of the adorable book Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas.

Who doesn't love Fancy Nancy? (I actually dressed up for her the first year she came out for Halloween at school.) As if that is awesome, the book is AUTOGRAPHED by the ILLUSTRATOR Robin Preiss Glasser. So, the winner of this giveaway will win BOTH a $20 shop credit to Sew Joy Crafts and a copy of Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas autographed by the illustrator.

To enter you have to be a participant of Holly Bloggy Christmas. If you are not signed up, we are sorry but the deadline to enter has passed this year but maybe next year! For all participants, you have 3 chances to enter:
- Visit Sew Joy Crafts on Etsy and tell us what you will spend your $20 credit on if you win
- Go to  and stroll around this GREAT website. Let us know which Fancy Nancy Book is your favorite.
- Bonus entry - Tell us about your favorite holiday book either that you share with your class or your family.

Entries begin now and end Friday, November 11th at 11:59p.m. Good luck!
Be looking for an email VERY soon with your Holly Bloggy Giveaway partner. We are pairing up and sending them out! Have fun!

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Who hates Halloween falling on Monday? Can I get a WHEW!!! I know we are in for a rough week! :) Immediately after Halloween we began Thanksgiving. I have to admit it isn't my favorite. I appreciate it, but I just don't feel like we do lots of fun "cute" stuff for Thanksgiving. Pinterest is going to help me change that though!
We begin by sending home a large feather asking students to decorate it with their family name on it.
Here is a picture of our turkey so far this year. He will be even and more full once everyone returns their leaves, hopefully by Friday!

We do the typical handprint turkey for their scrapbook.

We always do a Mayflower usually made out of construction paper, but I think I will try this idea I saw from Pinterest.

We always have a feast on the last day before break. The students all decorate indian vests, hats, and necklace. Parents bring in pumpkin pie, apples, popcorn, peanuts, cranraisins, etc. The students all sit along the "table" and feast. We all stop to say what we are thankful for. I think I will give them each one of these this year. (I think those are skittles in there?)

I saw this really cute idea on The Mailbox. I think I will add this to our "to do" list for Thanksgiving. The parents will love it!

We usually make a craft with our pen pals. (On of my best friend's class of 3rd graders). We like to make food crafts. :) I think we will do this adorable turkey cookie.

I have to say that I think Thanksgiving will be more interesting in the classroom! I'm kind of looking forward to it thanks to ya'll and pinterest. What do you do that is really cute?

Now, I know I'm talking Thanksgiving, but don't forget about our Holly Bloggy Christmas! The deadline is over to join, but if you are a participant or sponsor (and we have over 80 I believe) hop on over to Ms. Preppy's blog and join this week's giveaway.