Thanksgiving Thoughts

Who hates Halloween falling on Monday? Can I get a WHEW!!! I know we are in for a rough week! :) Immediately after Halloween we began Thanksgiving. I have to admit it isn't my favorite. I appreciate it, but I just don't feel like we do lots of fun "cute" stuff for Thanksgiving. Pinterest is going to help me change that though!
We begin by sending home a large feather asking students to decorate it with their family name on it.
Here is a picture of our turkey so far this year. He will be even and more full once everyone returns their leaves, hopefully by Friday!

We do the typical handprint turkey for their scrapbook.

We always do a Mayflower usually made out of construction paper, but I think I will try this idea I saw from Pinterest.

We always have a feast on the last day before break. The students all decorate indian vests, hats, and necklace. Parents bring in pumpkin pie, apples, popcorn, peanuts, cranraisins, etc. The students all sit along the "table" and feast. We all stop to say what we are thankful for. I think I will give them each one of these this year. (I think those are skittles in there?)

I saw this really cute idea on The Mailbox. I think I will add this to our "to do" list for Thanksgiving. The parents will love it!

We usually make a craft with our pen pals. (On of my best friend's class of 3rd graders). We like to make food crafts. :) I think we will do this adorable turkey cookie.

I have to say that I think Thanksgiving will be more interesting in the classroom! I'm kind of looking forward to it thanks to ya'll and pinterest. What do you do that is really cute?

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