Day 4 Winner - Teacher Appreciation Week

Congrats to:

You were the winner of my Day 4 Giveaway! I hope everyone had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week. Our school does a great job of celebrating. Our PTA got us $20 Wal-mart gift cards and had our class ambassadors ask us our favorites and sent that home to all parents. Let's just say I got TONS of Diet Mt. Dew and Chili Cheese Fritos. I'm one happy woman. I adore all of the sweet notes from parents and kiddos. I also got this doorhanger. How adorable???

 Whew! What a week it has been. Here was a rundown of my week!

Wednesday - Left right after school to take daughter to American Girl Store for her birthday
Thursday - Took personal day for daughter's birthday. (I've done this every day since we was born!)
Friday - 1/2 Day for daughter's Mother's Day Luncheon at preschool. Then headed back to school that night for Spring Carnival at my school
Saturday - Daughter's 5th birthday party - A Painting my house. Whew!
Sunday - Mother's Day Lunch at my house

Yup. I'm exhausted! We still have 11 days of school left but I have MOST of my stress over. We begin MAP testing this week. Anyone else MAP test? I cannot wait to see my kiddos scores! They have worked so hard and I know their scores will show it! When we are not MAP testing we have lots of end of the year wrap up to do. We will be finishing:

 Friend of the Day (more to come soon)
Kindergarten Scrapbooks
End of the Year Books (y'all...these are to die for cute!)
Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway - Day 4

Congrats to
Lori H!

You are the winner of my Day 3 Giveaway! Check your email! 

Sorry I am a day late. I took off yesterday. I took my personal day to celebrate my little one's 5th (GASP) this one is short!We took her to the American Girl Store!!!! A Blast!
Here is Day 4's giveaway!.

Just enter below in the rafflecopter! I will choose a winner tomorrow morning!!!
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Teacher Appreciation Giveaway - Day 3


Melissa S.

You are the winner of my Teacher Appreciation Day 2 Giveaway. Please check your email! Thanks to all that entered! I feel very sorry for those of you that have until the end of June!!! We were supposed to get out May 16 but with snow days it is now May 28th! I think I can. I think I can. I think I can! :)
Here is Day 3 Giveaway!!

These RTI units are one of my biggest sellers. This bundle includes letters A-M....over 130 pages of practice!!! All black and white color ink needed!!!

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Teacher Appreciation Giveaway - Day 2

You are the winner of my Teacher Appreciation Day 1 Giveaway. Please check your email! I loved that everyone's favorite gift for Teacher's Appreciation Day was handmade notes from the kiddos! Don't you just love those!!!
Here is what is up for Day 2:
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Teacher Appreciation Week - 5 Giveaways

As you all know, it is Teacher Appreciation Week! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than to let you know how much I appreciate readers and blogging friends. I wanted to do a celebration with my new blog design so what better week than this week! I will be hosting 5 days of giveaways from my store. Here is today's giveaway!

To enter to win my Long Vowels Unit...just enter the rafflecopter below! Make sure you come back tomorrow to see if you are the winner and the next prize!

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Kinderland, Love, and Winners

First...I have 2 winners of my FarFaria giveaway! Congrats to Melinda C. and Jennifer C. I have sent your emails to the company and they should be in contact with you about your 3 month subscription!!

We had our program on Thursday night. I LOVE program night. The months and days leading up our stressful. I have written our Kindergarten program for the last 7 years. (I am currently working on them to put in my TPT store.) Each program has a different theme but we sing songs we have learned all year long so that we aren't learning 5-6 new songs at the end of the year.
This year's program was called Kinderland and it was a play on the game Candyland. It went GREAT!!!!! I have parents who have had 6 kids go through our school and they said this one was your favorite! Here are a few pictures:

Our parents do all of the decorating!!!!! Here is a closeup of the stage. (We don't have a stage in our's a make-shift stage!)

The students make self-portraits for the backdrop. Oh. I love them. They just melt my heart. I love that you can show me one and I can tell you exactly who it is without seeing their names. Here are some of my favs.

Speaking of love. As I watched the video of our children scroll the screen that night so many things went through my head. Mainly that I can't believe the year is over, but also love. It's funny how as the kids scroll across the screen of course I think they are all cute but I especially think that mine are cute. And it hit me. They are like MY children. Just like you think your own child (as in your son or daughter) are cute, sweet, smart, adorable, funny, kind, etc.....I think the same of the students in my class. I LOVE them. We have grown together so much this year and have a special bond that we will never forget. I was so proud of how well they did. They sang their little hearts out and danced like no one was watching!!! Just precious!! Memories I will never forget!!