Kinderland, Love, and Winners

First...I have 2 winners of my FarFaria giveaway! Congrats to Melinda C. and Jennifer C. I have sent your emails to the company and they should be in contact with you about your 3 month subscription!!

We had our program on Thursday night. I LOVE program night. The months and days leading up our stressful. I have written our Kindergarten program for the last 7 years. (I am currently working on them to put in my TPT store.) Each program has a different theme but we sing songs we have learned all year long so that we aren't learning 5-6 new songs at the end of the year.
This year's program was called Kinderland and it was a play on the game Candyland. It went GREAT!!!!! I have parents who have had 6 kids go through our school and they said this one was your favorite! Here are a few pictures:

Our parents do all of the decorating!!!!! Here is a closeup of the stage. (We don't have a stage in our's a make-shift stage!)

The students make self-portraits for the backdrop. Oh. I love them. They just melt my heart. I love that you can show me one and I can tell you exactly who it is without seeing their names. Here are some of my favs.

Speaking of love. As I watched the video of our children scroll the screen that night so many things went through my head. Mainly that I can't believe the year is over, but also love. It's funny how as the kids scroll across the screen of course I think they are all cute but I especially think that mine are cute. And it hit me. They are like MY children. Just like you think your own child (as in your son or daughter) are cute, sweet, smart, adorable, funny, kind, etc.....I think the same of the students in my class. I LOVE them. We have grown together so much this year and have a special bond that we will never forget. I was so proud of how well they did. They sang their little hearts out and danced like no one was watching!!! Just precious!! Memories I will never forget!!


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