Day 4 Winner - Teacher Appreciation Week

Congrats to:

You were the winner of my Day 4 Giveaway! I hope everyone had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week. Our school does a great job of celebrating. Our PTA got us $20 Wal-mart gift cards and had our class ambassadors ask us our favorites and sent that home to all parents. Let's just say I got TONS of Diet Mt. Dew and Chili Cheese Fritos. I'm one happy woman. I adore all of the sweet notes from parents and kiddos. I also got this doorhanger. How adorable???

 Whew! What a week it has been. Here was a rundown of my week!

Wednesday - Left right after school to take daughter to American Girl Store for her birthday
Thursday - Took personal day for daughter's birthday. (I've done this every day since we was born!)
Friday - 1/2 Day for daughter's Mother's Day Luncheon at preschool. Then headed back to school that night for Spring Carnival at my school
Saturday - Daughter's 5th birthday party - A Painting my house. Whew!
Sunday - Mother's Day Lunch at my house

Yup. I'm exhausted! We still have 11 days of school left but I have MOST of my stress over. We begin MAP testing this week. Anyone else MAP test? I cannot wait to see my kiddos scores! They have worked so hard and I know their scores will show it! When we are not MAP testing we have lots of end of the year wrap up to do. We will be finishing:

 Friend of the Day (more to come soon)
Kindergarten Scrapbooks
End of the Year Books (y'all...these are to die for cute!)
Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!


  1. I printed my bundle out today. Thank you so much!

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