TPT Boost Sale

Let me tell you how excited I am that TPT is having a ONE DAY Boost Sale. You see.....the first Back to School Sale was my 1st and 2nd day of school. Guess who COMPLETELY missed the sale. Yup! That would be me! I am ready to empty my cart!!!!

I will be participating in the sale. My entire store will be 20% with an additional 10% if you use BOOST at checkout!
(Thanks to The Printable Princess for the button!)
Here are a few of my units you can grab!!!

Hurry!!! It is only for 1 day!!! I cannot forget this one! :)

Classroom Library

I am so excited to finally reveal my classroom library.'s not completely done but enough that the kiddos don't know the difference and it is usable. I could not have completed this library without the help of Lakeshore Learning. They sent me a set of their Connect and Store Book Bins...6 total in primary colors (the colors of my classroom)!

These were JUST what I needed to start my classroom library. When I got the box I thought "How on earth would I need that big of a box for the book bins?"'s because the bins are such a great quality and are big!

The best part...they connect together. I have so many of these that do not and they always tip over!

This year I created a classroom library for my kiddos. I used to just have baskets of books for the kinders to read when they finished their work. This year..I have Read to Self as a center and I took all of my classroom books and leveled them by genre. I also took my little readers and sorted them by Guided Reading level. These bins came in SO HANDY when created my library. They are the middle row of bins. I am definitely going to purchase another set for the bottom row instead of the hodge podge ones I have.

Here is a closer look. LOVE!

The best part...Lakeshore Learning is having a Back to School sale through August 31st! These Connect and Store Book Bins are only $29.50! They have TONS of other things on sale for 20% off and have free shipping if you spend $79! Happy Shopping!

Meet The Teacher Blogger Linky Party

I love me some linky parties! :) I linking up with Falling in First for a Meet the Teacher Blogger Party!

I am a Kentucky gal with a wonderful family. My husband and I have been married for 7 years and we have an adorable 5 year old who started Kindergarten this year!

I just began my 13th year of teaching Kindergarten. I LOVE my job (and my classroom).

Here are a few Q & A's with me!
Q: These are a few of my favorite things…
Target, Diet Mt. Dew, Flair Pens

Q: If you weren’t a teacher, what would you want to be?
Own a children's boutique clothing shop

Q: Three little words that describe you. 
Type A, Loving, Stubborn

Q: Finish this sentence, “___________________, said no teacher EVER!!”
"I love how they won't just let me teach!", said no teacher EVER!!

Q: It’s your birthday and you can invite anyone {
dead or alive} to the party. Who are you inviting?
My poppie (who died when I was 7)

Q: If someone wrote a book about your life, what would be the title?
The Girl Who Couldn't Relax

Q: You get to pick one superpower. What is it?
To be invisible...There are so many times I say "To be a fly on the wall". I'm also kind of nosey! :)


Q: What’s your favorite quote or saying?
"For this too shall pass."

Q: If you HAD to sing one song on American Idol, what would it be? 
Oh lordy. You would NOT want to hear me sing...but it would be Hey Mickey!

Q: Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Morning Person...I turn into a pumpkin at 9. (Summer too!)

Q: What’s your favorite resource that you’ve created in your TPT shop?
Right now I think it may be my Grab and Go Math Printables. I like that they are non-themed so they can "save you" when you need them!
 Grab and Go Math Printables - Numbers 1-20

Q: Share something we might not know about you!
I have NEVER. NOT EVER. smoked a cigarette. I know most people at least try it in high school or college. Just once. Not me!

Now it's your turn! Visit Stephanie's blog, grab the buttons and the questions and link on up!

Classroom Reveal!!

Well...I'm 3 days into school and finally posting my classroom reveal! :) Each year I SAY I'm going to do anything different but we all know how that goes. I changed quite a bit this year. Next year...I'm not! :)
Here are two panoramic views on my classroom.

I have a very large room! I love it and I know how blessed I am. Now for a closer look.
My door this year. (I covered up the kiddos names!)

This is my focus wall. Learning Targets on one side. Daily Focus on the other. Inspiration here.

This is where students will track their Rainbow Words progress. I purchased 2 pieces of magnetic aluminum from Lowes. Painted it and screwed it on! I will place their names on magnets. As they learn their red words they will place their name on the red, then orange, and so on!

Writing Center...Not quite complete

I LOVE these anchor charts from Cara Carroll!

We do Headsprout ( now called Mimio I think). It's a HUGE push from district and it really is a great reading program. The students chart their progress here.

I ADORE this chair metal chair I found for $10!!!! Eek! Lovin' it! remember when I recovered my chair here. Well, it was getting dirty so I recovered it using laminated fabric from Hobby Lobby! I'm dying at how cute (and easy to keep clean it is!) I haven't put the arms back on the chair but I'm thinking I need to. I can't tell you how many times I've about fallen out of my chair because I was expecting them!

Reading Corner. Inspiration from Maria at Kinder-Craze! I still plan on adding stuffed animals, reading glasses, and laundry baskets for them to sit in.

I LOVE my new desk! True confession. I tried to spray paint following Maria's tutorial. Ha! I'm not so good. I went over it with acrylic paint. We will see how it hold up! :)

I painted my hideous air vent this year! I plan on putting magnetic strips with websites they can visit on the left. That way they can pull it off, take to their computer, type it in, and then go put it back.

I hope you enjoyed it! :) Have a great week!

We have a winner!

Congrats to Nicole B.

I have sent your email to Garnet Hill. Please be looking for an email from them as to which backpack you would like!!! Thanks to all who entered! My first day is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to School Sale and Last Day for the Giveaway!

As if you hadn't's Back to School time. We start on Wednesday! EEK!!!!! I still have so much to do! One thing I have to do is clean out my TPT wishlist! Lordy that thing is HUGE!!! I will be cleaning it out tomorrow for sure! Teachers Pay Teachers is having their Back to School Sale!!!! I will also be placing my entire store 20% off! If you enter BTS14 when you check out you will save an additional 10% off!!!! :)

Here are some great things you can grab at a great price to get you ready for Back to School!!!

My newest item: Grab and Go Math Printables!! This unit contains almost 50 pages of black and white printables to use teaching number sense 1-20!!! It is non-themed so it can be used anytime in the year!
You can also grab my A-Z Handwriting Pages!
These sales are a PERFECT time to get my Grab and Go Printables CHEAP! The bundles save you 20% and then a 28% BTS sale!!! That means you can save....well I'm too tired to do the math, but it's a bunch!!!

My best sellers are my Vertical Behavior Charts...Get your classroom ready with CUTE behavior management this year!
I also have my I Know My Colors unit!
Happy Shopping! I will be back this week with my Classroom Reveal! Don't forget about my Back to School Backpack Giveaway that ends tonight!!!!

Garnet Hill Backpack Giveaway

I am SO excited about this giveaway. I LOVE Garnet Hill. They have great quality items! My daughter has 4 of their bathing suits and they have lasted for 2 years now and still look great! When I was trying to figure out which backpack to get my little one for Kindergarten, I knew that I wanted a Garnet Hill backpack! They are SUPER adorable and have some great patterns to choose from! I was very fortunate to get a backpack and lunchbox to review AND give one away to you!
My daughter was so excited to get the backpack that she picked out and try it on! We chose the Backpack Jr. which is recommended for ages 4 and up. Since she is 5 and petite for her age....I figured that was the right backpack to go with. She chose the Pony Up pattern and loves it! (So do I!)

I love the front strap to help keep it on her shoulders! (I blocked out her name on purpose!)

This backpack jr. is the perfect size for her!

A regular size folder fits perfect as well as a school box and there is room for more. It definitely isn't big enough for a big 3 ring binder or planner, but I know she won't have those things in Kindergarten.
 Perfect place for her water bottle.

She also got a lunchbox!!!
Love how it clips to her backpack.

 Here is a side view so you can see how the Backpack Jr. is perfect for her size!!!

We also got a regular Backpack so you could see how it fits on her. Garnet Hill recommends that the regular backpack for students ages 7+ and I would say that would be perfect. I would probably get it for her next year when she is entering 1st grade!

Here are all of the adorable designs for the Backpack Jr. There are even more for the regular backpack! I'm so excited that Garnet Hill is allowing me to give away a backpack or a backpack jr. to one of my lucky readers!!!!

It's easy to win! Just enter below in the rafflecopter! The giveaway will run until Monday evening! I will choose 1 winner on Tuesday, August 5th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway