Classroom Reveal!!

Well...I'm 3 days into school and finally posting my classroom reveal! :) Each year I SAY I'm going to do anything different but we all know how that goes. I changed quite a bit this year. Next year...I'm not! :)
Here are two panoramic views on my classroom.

I have a very large room! I love it and I know how blessed I am. Now for a closer look.
My door this year. (I covered up the kiddos names!)

This is my focus wall. Learning Targets on one side. Daily Focus on the other. Inspiration here.

This is where students will track their Rainbow Words progress. I purchased 2 pieces of magnetic aluminum from Lowes. Painted it and screwed it on! I will place their names on magnets. As they learn their red words they will place their name on the red, then orange, and so on!

Writing Center...Not quite complete

I LOVE these anchor charts from Cara Carroll!

We do Headsprout ( now called Mimio I think). It's a HUGE push from district and it really is a great reading program. The students chart their progress here.

I ADORE this chair metal chair I found for $10!!!! Eek! Lovin' it! remember when I recovered my chair here. Well, it was getting dirty so I recovered it using laminated fabric from Hobby Lobby! I'm dying at how cute (and easy to keep clean it is!) I haven't put the arms back on the chair but I'm thinking I need to. I can't tell you how many times I've about fallen out of my chair because I was expecting them!

Reading Corner. Inspiration from Maria at Kinder-Craze! I still plan on adding stuffed animals, reading glasses, and laundry baskets for them to sit in.

I LOVE my new desk! True confession. I tried to spray paint following Maria's tutorial. Ha! I'm not so good. I went over it with acrylic paint. We will see how it hold up! :)

I painted my hideous air vent this year! I plan on putting magnetic strips with websites they can visit on the left. That way they can pull it off, take to their computer, type it in, and then go put it back.

I hope you enjoyed it! :) Have a great week!