Christmas Gift Idea

So I would love to know what you have your students give their parents for Christmas. In the past, we make the handprints out of mold then spraypainted with acrylic paint. They were cute but SO MUCH WORK. We all know how crazy the month of December is, so last year I came up with a new idea. The students created calendars to give to their parents. They turned out so cute, the students did all of the work, and parents actually used them! Here is a picture of what they look like put together. (Sorry for the fuzzy picture...I had a parent text me their picture).

I take a picture of the students holding this cute sign from a Back to School bulletin board kit that I got a few years ago. (I think it is Creative Teaching Press).

I put the picture, year, and star with their name at the top and laminated for durability. Then I just stapled the completed calendar to the bottom of the paper so that parents could tear off a page each month. I wrapped these and attached the card the students made. I had parents so tickled with these and claim that they are still using them and wish they had another one for next year! :) Would you like to do this with your kiddos? You can purchase the calendar from my teacher's notebook store! It is different than the picture shown above. I made it much cuter and added borders this year!

If you purchase it, leave me some feedback and let me know what you think! I would also love to hear what you do with your kiddos as gifts for their parents.


  1. This looks very cute!! I am sure the parents love getting these as gifts!! I haven't ever done a gift for parents at Christmas. I do a Mother's and Father's Day gift. But, now your calendars have me thinking that I may do a Christmas gift this year.
    Jennifer A.

  2. Very cute and it seems less time consuming then my idea. I am having my kids do handprint calendar. So that's 12 handprint per kid multiple by 24 kids. Maybe I like your idea better since it won't take as long and less messy.

  3. I did the handprint calendar 4 years was a HUGE hit with the parents but soooo time consuming! I'm doing it again this year but I learned from my previous attempt and have started it way early. This way I can do 2 months each week and be done in plenty of time. :) This is a really cute alternative though...maybe next year.