Random Thoughts

A couple of random thoughts that I just needed to get out:

-I've noticed that I scream alot when I write. Actually, I intend for it to be excited, but I use ! all the time! I swear I think I end every sentence with one! I'm not mad or upset, just excited! I sure hope people don't take it the wrong way.
-My Christmas is up. Yep...I'm pretty excited! I ♥ Christmas decorations so much! I actually set my table this year using dishes I have had FOREVER.

-I noticed as I was downloading my pictures of my camera that I have 2377 photos on my camera card. I think it is time to clean it up...don't you?
- I'm doing the elf on the shelf this year. I gonna introduce it using an idea I found on pinterest. She is seriously creative and I love everything she does. If you haven't seen her blog, check her out.

I'm not sure it will really work with Lilly. She is 2 1/2 and when she's gonna throw a fit, she's gonna throw a fit. She doesn't care if Santa (or a stinkin' elf) is watching. Trust me....I've tried to use it...it doesn't work.

I don't think  I will be on here tomorrow, so I want to wish everyone a
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  1. I love it!!!!! I put !!!!!! after most of my sentences so I always type excitedly lol. I'm putting my tree up Saturday and can't wait!!!!!