Currently September

Hi....I'm Sarah. Remember me? Really? Apparently August took a bit out of me. Whew! We've been in school for 3 1/2 weeks and I am exhausted. I remember thinking every year....make it to Labor Day, make it to Labor Day. So I have BIG expectations for tomorrow! We should be up and running smoothly, right???
It's a new month so it's a new Currently from Farley!!! Here's mine!

I know. You're jealous. A 3 day week!!!! Whoop! Whoop!

I am SUPER excited about Fall Break. We go every year and I puffy heart it. BIG TIME!

I LOVE Fall Y'all! LOVE! I got it all out of the attic and may have bought a few things this week, but hubby says it's too soon. We'll see!

We will skip the 20 pounds thing!

I kind of stole Farley's idea. But I really need to not get on the computer 1 day a week and watch TV with the hubs! Really. No internet. Just husband. Gotta make this one happen. Y'all know it's hard. We are all teachers, right?
I kind of love my team and have been know to chit chat. I gotta stop so I can leave stuff and school and make #1 happen!!!!

Oh. And make sure you come back and visit me later in the week. I kind of have something exciting going on! :)

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I linked up right after you! I think we all need to spend time with the people in our life we love. We all need to take time for them. I am also doing so! My finace and I work opposite scedules, so it's tough, but I will find a way! Enjoy your vacation!