It made me smile!

Well, I am TIRED. As in BEAT. How on earth do I forget how tiring the 1st couple of days of school are??? I've been doing this for 12 years now. You would think I could remember that? We've had fun but I will be back with that soon! Now, on to the blog title.

I was contact last month by Smilemakers asking if I would like a product from their company to review. Have you ever heard of them????

I'll be honest. I had, but I thought they only did dental thing or novelty toys. WRONG! Oh was I wrong. They have lots of goodies on their website.
It took me a few days to go through their website and choose a product, but I finally did. I asked to review the Hot Dots Jr. Phonics Fun Pack with Ace the Talking Dog.

I had been seeing it at my local teacher store but was hesitant to spend the $$$ on it. (Retails for $39.99 on their website.) Well, it is worth the money! Here is what I received:


It comes with cards to practice letters, sounds, short vowels, long vowels, blends, and digraphs.  I tested it out on my 4 year old because (at the time) school has not started yet. She loved it! We just worked on the letter sounds one.

This little Ace lights up green if you get it right and says lots of cute phrases.

Her favorite is the one when it vibrates in your hands. Look at that face!
Sorry for the blurry pic, but it turns red if you get it wrong and says another phrase.

I am super excited about using this in my literacy centers next year. Because of all of the different sets of cards, I should be able to use it almost all year! Now I just gotta get another pen! They make a really cute cat girl one I might need to snag!
If you haven't checked out Smilemakers, I definitely would! They shipped quickly and also sent tons of coupons to use all year long! Thanks Smilemakers!
Note: I was given product for free to review. The opinions given are my honest opinions about the product and the company!


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