Currently February

I seriously cannot believe it is already February. I'm still writing 13 on my checks! I'm linking up with Farley for her Currently series.

Loving - SO excited we are going to school! We have had 8 snow days this year. 5 of those the students don't have to make up (but we do). From now on they are tacked onto the end of the school year! BOO!!!! We didn't go today because we got a surprise 3-5 inches in our county. Tomorrow we are going...but I'm guessing we will have an early release. They are predicting ice!
Wanting - I need some prayers for a friend tonight. All are appreciated!
Truth - I have been working out almost nightly. Those who know me probably think that is the fib. HA! Nope! We bought an elliptical machine and I have promised to use it. I'm quite proud of myself because I despise it!

Truth - We turned down a trip we won (through my husbands business) to the Atlantis. Before you hate me...listen to my reasoning (because trust me...I pro and conned it like crazy!)
Pros: The trip is paid for (as in the flight and room), A week of relaxation, Time alone with hubby,
Cons: The trip is not inclusive...would have cost us $2500ish, I have to take 5 unpaid days, sub plans for that week plus be prepared for when I come back, I HATE flying, I've never left my daughter for more than 3 days (7 out of the country was not happening), I don't know any of the people going with us. See how the Cons won??
Fib - I love to Cook. Ha! Not. So. Much. Nuff. Said.
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  1. To start.. I clicked on your page and saw you had 999 followers so I had to help you reach 1000--that's so exciting. Congratulations! :) Moving on.. I think I would have not gone on that trip either. Writing sub plans AND being prepared for the next week is just too much work. Only teachers get that! I'm glad you're with me on the Diet Mt. Dew thing.. I've been doing T25 faithfully for 5 weeks straight, starting week 6 this week. Like you said, if it's the worst thing I've done.. ha!

    Have a good week. Maybe you'll get to teach something!
    The 4th Grade Journey

  2. Ok, I know how rough snow days can be because it's hard to fit everything in! But I'm not going to lie - every night, I pray for snow... but since it's, like, 61 degrees outside, it's not gonna happen. It's just that I really really really want a day off. And I want everyone else to be off, too, so I don't miss anything!

    Good luck teaching all your stuff in half the time!

    Buzzing with Ms. B