What is the world is going on?

Talk about the WEIRDEST year ever. First we have no snow days (well 1, but we usually have almost 10). Then we have TORNADOES and get out early (like 11:30) last Friday because we are expected to have severe weather. Then now...in March...we have a FLU epidemic. Yep...you know the flu that gets most people in December or January? Well, it has hit our school system. One school in our district is closed on Thursday and Friday due to the flu. I have had 5-6 out everyday this week. That means I have had 12-13 kids each day. It's been a BREEZE! My poor kiddos though...I want them better and to be back! We think my brother has the flu and now my mom feels awful! YUCK! Get that stuff out of here. Has the flu hit your schools yet?
We are full speed ahead into March and our St. Patrick's Day activities. Today we made these I found on Pinterest. They are so cute and bright!

Tomorrow we are making a version of these:

We are also going to make some green splat. I do this every year and my kiddos LOVE it:

I seriously LOVE this holiday. I cannot wait to see all of the traps we get this year. I will take pictures for you! You will be amazed! We are gearing up for lots of fun with St. Patrick's Day centers next week. I have seen lots of cute ones I have in my wishlist on Teachers Pay Teachers that I will be buying tomorrow! We will also be using my Lucky Me! unit! You can grab yours by clicking on the picture below:


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  2. Hi there, those are soo cute and I love pinterst too. Glad I found you - I'm your newest follower. :o) I teach first in CA
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  3. Check out my blog for a St. Patrick’s Day necklace craft http://petersonsprimarypeeps.blogspot.com/


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