I am curious as to what you use for interventions for your Tier III and Tier II kiddos??? That is an area we are REALLY lacking on. We have a pretty good reading series and a GREAT 2 hour reading block (that I love so much), but I feel like we are really failing those Tier III and Tier II kids. We do our best to pull them for 30 minutes 4-5 times a week, but are seriously pulling random stuff from here, there, and everywhere to work with them. It is CRAZINESS and we all know those kiddos are the ones that need the most routine, predictable schedule. Well....I think we may have found it. I went yesterday and observed at a school in our district because I had heard they had an AWESOME intervention program. I have 1 word for what I saw...WOW!!!!! I was so impressed. It is by Fountas and Pinnell and is called Leveled Literacy Intervention.

It comes with EVERYTHING you need. Did you hear me? EVERYTHING. That is what I love. It is not extra work for me. Everything is laid out for just follow the program. I love that it is repetitive. They do the same thing everyday/week so the kids know what to do. I swear. I watched a 30 minute lesson and these kiddos were ON TASK and WORKING HARD. You know...the kids who always say "I can't read." "I can't do it." Not these kiddos.....they can't say that because they WERE reading. They WERE and were proud. Each day they read a little reader. (It comes with 70 different books like this.) 
 Then every night, the students take home these cute bags with the same book in black and white (they are consumable so you don't have to worry about it not coming back), a very descriptive letter for parents on what to do, along with other activities. Can we say FABULOUS???
The teacher I observed said the CD that has the materials for you to print and copy is WONDERFUL and can create games, records, etc. Obviously I didn't see everything, but what I saw in 30 minutes MADE ME WANT IT!!! With that being is NOT cheap. It is like $2000 per teacher. I went straight back to my principal and said "I don't care where you get it or how you get it, but I need $2000 for that program...PRONTO". We are meeting tomorrow (all of K) to discuss wants/needs/and I'm sure where are we gonna get the money. It was so worth every penny. I was so excited to finally find something that worked. How do I know it worked? Well, my friend from the school I observed sent an email that had these results in it:

I mean, really? 50% gain...WOO HOO!
**All of this information and pictures came from  I am in no way paid for saying any of this! I loved it THAT much. You must check it out if you are looking for a good intervention program for your K kiddos. So, I'm curious...what do you use for Tier III and Tier II kids. Do ya'll even call students below grade level that? I'll let ya know if when we purchase it.


  1. We use this. I will warn you. There are some annoying things to the CD printables. Alot of the materials are made to have 3 sets per page when our groups are 4 kids so you have to make two sets and trash some. There are also errors, for instance in the miniletter books some of the books have the letter printed the wrong direction (u is on their as n) so we have to fix it. Just thought I'd share.

    Cathy I.

  2. Sarah-We started using LLI with our tier kiddos last year, and I absolutely LOVE! You are right! Everything is there for you. HF words and comprehension progress with each level, and the lessons alternate instructional level books with independent level books to build fluency! And so much writing...I truly can't say enough!! It is Fabulous! I hope you are able to get it soon!!

    Peace, Love and First Grade

  3. Wow! This really looks awesome! We don't have an intervention kit or curriculum and we just throw together a hodge podge of resources. I would love to use something like this with my students! I'm going to continue to look into this! Thank you for sharing this!
    Rambling About Reading

  4. We use the LLI program at my school, and I am on my third year teaching it for kindergarten. It is a really good program, but you need like an hour to get through everything they suggest in a single lesson! So you have to pick and choose the best parts based on the needs of your students. The take-home element to this program is also fantastic!

  5. We use this LOVE IT, Repetitive scripted, can't say enough about it! I have used K-2 in Reading Mastery for Title Tier 2 kids.....They have workbooks and blacklines,then take home later in 1st grade. There is leveled books for reinforcement ....

  6. I used the LLI program when I worked as a full time reading specialist. It was a wonderful program in IT WORKS!!

  7. Our school is on our third year of using LLI and we have see huge gains with our struggling students' reading progress! We use it both as a pull out program and in the classroom. I use it in my classroom and Love it. Must have 30 minutes of uniterrupted time with working with only 3-4 kids. I have 2 chapter teachers that come in and work with the rest of the kids. Love the program!