What is up with this weather?

Okay, seriously?? What is up with the weather here in Kentucky? It has been warm…like 55-60. In January?? I am in some need of snow days. I know, I know…I have only been back at work for 4 days but we are usually expecting a blizzard right about now. I seriously cannot remember a year that our 100th day of school was held on the same day it was scheduled for at the beginning of the year. We have always had to reschedule it. I can remember one year (maybe last year), it was scheduled for a Tuesday. Well, we missed school for snow on Monday and I had parents emailing and calling asking if we would still have it on Tuesday. Uh…no? That would be the 99th day now….I don’t think they got it! There is nothing I love better than that call at 5:45 in the morning saying “School has been cancelled”. Yumm! Wishful thinking. I know we have to make them up, but I love random days off in January and February.

Since I will be going to school because we aren’t getting snow, I have been creating new units (hope to have done soon with a freebie) and searching for great ideas on Pinterest. In the past, I created a shirt with 100 something on it. I actually think I have only done 3 in 10 years. They held up pretty good. Now that I have a little one running around, I just don’t have time to glue 100 of something on my shirt, so I am creating one of these bad boys for all the K staff. I found this via pinterest from Mrs. Gilchrist’s Class.


I’m still working on the other activities. We start school the very beginning of August, so our 100th day is scheduled for next Wednesday, the 18th. I better get busy, huh? In other news, Loving and Learning in Pre-K has teamed up with Creating and Teaching to giveaway 2 units! These are some awesome units. They are both so stinkin’ cute!  If you haven’t entered…hurry up and get on over there. It ends tomorrow at 3. Oh and…they both have freebies on their blogs right now!

I’ll be back soon with my unit. I’m shooting for Tuesday. I have some tooth pain (similar to child birth pain) that is requiring a root canal this week. My nights have been shot as I am taking some good meds to kill the pain, hence making me fall asleep. Hopefully I’ll get it all done by then!

Keep looking out for an announcement from Caitlin and I. We are looking to do a Valentine’s exchange. We are starting a new blog dedicated to this so be watching!


  1. Love that shirt! Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to make it for our 100th day, which will be Tuesday of next week. Wow, that sounds early. We have only had one snow day this year. It doesn't look like we will be getting one any time soon either. Last year, our 100th day was on Groundhog's day and we start school the first week of August! I love it that parents thought the 100th day would be the same day {after a snow day}!!

    I can't wait for the Valentine's exchange. I had so much fun with the Holly Bloggy Christmas!!

    The First Grade Dream

  2. Love the shirt! We had a ton of snow/tornado days last year here in AL...none this year...yet(knock on wood)!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. That shirt is super cute!

    I'm in northern MI (the snow capital of the world, i think) and we've had no snow days!

    I mean come on, we build five into our schedule, let's use em!

  4. Thanks for the link for the shirt! :) I would love to be part of the Valentines Exchange! How fun! :) Texas is warm right now too! Hard to believe it is January!

  5. Thanks for sharing the shirt idea! SO cute! And I hope your child birth like pain from your tooth goes away real soon! I know you're in a lot of pain, but that comment made me laugh haha! Feel better love!


  6. What a cute shirt! I'll have to think about whether I can part with my stylish shirt that has 100 buttons glued to it and go classier this year (gosh-all of us kinder teachers must have a shirt in our closet with 100 things glued to it!).
    Keen on Kindergarten