There's A New Blog on the Block

Caitlin and I are SO excited!!!! We finally have a blog to host all of our giveaways!!! Let us introduce to you the NEW blog on the block.....Teacher Blogger Exchange.

From now on, all exchanges, giveaways, winners, etc will be done through this new blog. That isn't to say that we won't sometimes send gentle reminders through our own blogs, but the majority will be on that blog. Make sure you grab our button and add us to your google reader!


You don't want to miss out! Having said that...our 1st giveaway(s) begin on Wednesday. I will post the giveaway and winners all in one post. We are just selecting participants via and no extra entries are needed so don't fret that you are missing out. We have FABULOUS sponsors and giveaways.

While you are here...I need your help. I am having TROUBLE with a capital T (okay...all caps) with my kiddos and b's and d's. I mean they ALL get them backwards. They read them backwards, write them backwords, make them backwards. You name is backwards. We began the year really sorting them. I even teach them to make a d you  say c (and make the c) then d (and draw the line to make it a c to a d). I have NO idea what is going on, but it is KILLING me! Also, I am looking for cute Valentine crafts and ideas. I'm just at a loss! So...what do you do to get those b's and d's straight and what are you doing for Valentine's day?


  1. Have you seen on Pinterest the "bed" thing for b and d.. you make a bed shape with your hands.. thats how i taught one of little kiddos!

    ill start searching through my boards to see if i can find the link!

  2. I love it, the blog is so cute! Have you tried "put b and d to bed" I have my kiddos make a b with the left hand and a d with the right if you hold them together they make a bed, they can use the sounds in bed to remember which says what, I see them using their hands all the time while reading and writing, so far it's worked for most of them.

  3. I also use the put the b's and d's to bed. Really good stuff has a great poster to buy!

  4. The "bed" trick is the only one I know of...

    So excited to be a part of the Valentine's Day Exchange - and congrats on the new blog!

    I've tagged you over at my blog...I'd love it if you'd come check it out! :)

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