Houston....We have a problem

I have a problem....it is a shopping problem. I'm really not kidding. My poor, poor hubby. I have a couple of addictions:

I figure it could be worse. It could be alcohol or drugs. :) That's my defense! Anywho, I ♥ JoAnn's. Do y'all have one? Oh lordy. It is heaven. Maybe not as much for crafts but if you sew...it's dangerous! Well, I was browsing the aisles and about died when I found these:

Are you ready for how much they are? Are you sure? $9.99!!!!! $9.99!!!! Use your 40% off coupon and they are $5.99.
Okay people. I paid $30 for one of those magnetic boards this past winter. This cute girl was selling them. She could personalize them with her little cricut and vinyl stickers. Well, now I have a cricut and vinyl stickers. The possibilities are endless. Those are FOREVER my gifts to friends from now on. I love my cricut and vinyl. Here are a few ideas from etsy. (Click on the picture to go to their store).
Personalized Scalloped Metal Message, Magnet, Memo Board - Baby Shower, Hostess, Bridesmaid, Wedding, Mother's Day, Birthday, Sorority

Personalized magnetic board-assorted colors available

Personalized trash can-assorted colors available

Just wanted to give you a heads up! Now, run to JoAnns! I'm going back next week with another 40% coupon!


  1. Oh wow! Those are great! Thanks for sharing this info (even if it is dangerous).


    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I wish we had one around here! I love my cricut though!

  3. Where do you get the coupons?

  4. Very cute! A JoAnn's just opened by me but I haven't been to it yet... I'm an AC Moore girl!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

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  6. Ok you are too funny....and I am completely on your side here - way cute!! (Ok so maybe another nutsy teacher isn't the best financial advisor.....but it's so fun to have other along telling you it's a fabulous idea!!

    I mean take a teacher and a cricut machine and the world is a glorious place!.....or super scary - totally depends on your perspective :0)

    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  7. Oh my gosh, these are AMAZING!!! I want all of them!! I am dragging my husband there with me this weekend so I can use two 40% off coupons! (ok, maybe I will ask him nicely.) I am SO glad you posted this because I have a million ideas going through my head right now!! My Joanne's better have them or I am going to be so bummed!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  8. Thanks so much for the info. I will be off to JoAnn's asap!

    P. S.
    I have the same addictions!

  9. What section where those in? I'm totes making some!!!
    Teaching With Style

  10. So glad I just saw this- I was in there today- darn, must go back now