The Price is Right

Please tell me y'all watched The Price is Right as a child? Please tell me I'm not the only one that is that old. I loved that show! Still do. I remember watching it when I was home on maternity leave. Good memories!!! Imagine my excitement when Lakeshore Learning contacted me about doing a review on their Plinko game? Uh, yes!!!!

I whipped that puppy out in reading groups today and they LOVED it! The games comes with nice wooden chips with great pictures. The students drop a chip at the top and it makes it way down the board. The chip will land in one of 3 spots at the bottom: Say the Beginning Sound, Say a Rhyming Word, or Say the Ending Sound. This game was perfect for my higher reading group. They are sounding out CVC words and can identify the ending sound of words as well as rhyming words. Look at how much fun they had!

I promise your kiddos will love this game. My other kiddos were dying to try it. Give them a few months and they will all be ready! This game is great for K and early 1. Lakeshore also has this game for other grade levels as well!

Do you want to get your own PLINKO game. Well, Lakeshore just made it a little easier. They are offering a 25%  promo code for my readers. Just click below to go there.


  1. Only the best game ever on the Price is Right...except for maybe that one where the hiker goes up the hill and then falls off at the top! Know which one I'm talking about??

    HAHA...this is awesome! I have to have it!

  2. I used to LOVE watching The Price is Right! Such fun memories!

  3. Wait a minute! I love your blog and OMG I miss my plinko! Love that game. Will get for sure! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. xo