Kindergarten Common Core

Our school is in the 2nd year of implementation of Common Core in our schools. Last year was a "trial" year and we did our best to implement it to our best ability, but with little resources. Now that we have had a full year of implementation, we know what we need to make this successful. Our school has been good about asking what we need to help us with Common Core. I can tell you one thing that will really help us implement Common Core.......the new Kindergarten Common Core Workbook.

This book contains OVER 600 pages of worksheet, posters, and activities! There is a small preview, which I downloaded and it looks great! Y'all - it even has cute graphics and bright colors and since it is a download format, you can print them when you need them instead of shelving a big book on your shelf and having to "make copies" from the big book. I cannot wait to start using this in my classroom. I hope you will check it out and see if it is something you can use in your classroom!


  1. I just found you and am now following. My 2 best friends teach K at my school and I am going to tell them to check out your super cute blog! They are going to be so excited about this!I would love it if you stopped by sometime!