The "Count" of Halloween

I am so excited to finally be posting this book! My mentor teacher introduced this book to me when I first began working with her 11 years ago! (I cannot believe I have been teaching that long. EEK!) She began using it 30+ years ago when she was student teaching!!! She has now retired and is moving to a beautiful island in a beautiful new home. Sigh. I asked her about using the book, tweaking it a bit, and posting it on TPT and she said SURE! it is!

This is an ADORABLE numbers 1-10 craftivity book to complete in your classroom during the Halloween season! There are many different ways you can do this ranging from print and color to full on crafting! We do so many crafts at Halloween in our classroom so we go ALL OUT!
I begin this book at the beginning of October in my classroom (think next week) and do 2-3 pages a week until the holiday! Each student makes their own book. I know 200 copies seems like a lot but it is so worth it when you see their little faces light up as they read it and take ownership in that they made it! We mostly do the craft version except for the last 2-3 pages, just due to time.
I try to finish these up a few days before Halloween. I make sure they are bound and we pass them out at our Halloween party and read/sing the book to our parents! Did I mention this book is actually "sung" to the tune of "The Muffin Man".
I swear you will love this book! Just click on the image above or below to grab yours!


  1. This looks adorable! It almost makes me wish I taught younger kiddos!

  2. This is too cute!!

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  3. This is seriously the cutest unit ever! I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to use it with my kids! :)
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