Looks Matter to a 5 Year Old

Lucky me! We are out for elections! They use our schools as voting polls so we are always out for elections both now and in May! :) You remember my post about our class president elections. It was such a rewarding process!! Well, yesterday our 5th graders held a mock election in our school to see which president our school would choose. The students had to complete voter registration cards and then sign their name when they went in to vote. Each student got their ballot that looked like this:

Students were supposed to bubble in their choice, but well, we just circled who we wanted. Each student got behind a cute little screen, circled their vote, and dropped it into the ballot box. It was a bit crazy and our kiddos were a little confused so I stood by them and reminded them what to do. This also allowed me to see who most of them voted for! I was cracking up at what 80% of them did. Although we had reviewed both PRESIDENTIAL candidates (I didn't go much into the vice presidential candidates) this is what I saw:

So.....as you can tell, looks do matter to a 5 year old!!!!


  1. LOL!! Love this post! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Learning 4 Keeps

  2. Haha! If looks were the deciding factor, I agree completely! He's not bad to look at!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  3. We also held a mock election. We use the computer lab to vote and tally the results. The President carried the election. I think familiarity plays a big part too.