Literacy Centers 101

After having the same schedule for oh...10 years, I decided to switch things up a bit. I was totally inspired by Deedee Wills centers and her AWESOME Peek at the Week's. We have been doing reading groups for 3 years but this year have a lack of extra support and I just really felt I wasn't getting to my kiddos like I needed to. I bravely attempted Mrs. Wills schedules and I am very excited how well it is going. Well, that's an understatement. I am THRILLED with how well they are going. They LOVE it and are actively engaged at all times!

Here is what we have been up to:

Listening Center  - If You Give a Pig a Pancake

Listening Center - Run, Turkey, Run

Fluency Station - Differientiated...they either practice letters (from Deedee), or sight words depending on what level of the rainbow they are on.

This is my phonics group. Just working on beginning sounds, CVC or best guess spelling.

My pocket chart center.... beginning sounds

Or unscrambling sentences. (This week we did ABC order too.)

Writing center (from Deedee). We are also doing some of these from Lori.

ABC Games and Puzzles. This is a game from Deedee to review beginning sounds. Some students are also playing Gobble from my Thanksgiving unit or Touchdown from Deedee.

I also have a word play center that the kiddos LOVE. I somehow didn't get pictures of that but hope to next week! My last 2 centers are computers (Headsprout) and guided reading with me. Deedee has a great organization for rotating centers and rotates 2 times. Due to some guidelines set by my district/school, I have to have a longer reading time and meet with my students more often so I rotate 3 times a day. Deedees is so organized and she just moved centers up and down to rotate. I made it much harder on my self and have some systematical way of doing it that took a PHD in algebra and about 5 hours to figure out but guess what I got it!!! (Then I got a new student and threw it all out of wack!) I cannot wait to keep showing you these great centers!


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