Holly Bloggy Christmas 2012

I know! You are freaking out right now! Are we really going to have it again? This late in the year? Yep and Yep! Caitlin (who took a small leave of absence but is back in full effect) and I are going to host a quick Holly Bloggy Christmas exchange!

This year's Holly Bloggy Christmas has a theme. (I know you are thinking...theme? But really, we ARE teachers aren't we?) The theme is MY FAVORITE THINGS. (Think Oprah.)

Here are the details:
Email us at teacherbloggerexchange{at}gmail{dot}com with your name and mailing address along with your blog so that your partner can get to know you better. The deadline for this email is NOVEMBER 26th.

Once you have your partner, send him/her a small package with YOUR FAVORITE THINGS. There is a $15 limit (not including shipping). Our thinking is that maybe your partner doesn't know how fabulous your favorite things are. Once they receive them, they may have a new addiction!

All packages must be mailed out by December 10th and WE MUST GET AN EMAIL WITH YOUR TRACKING NUMBER! There is nothing worse than getting email after email from people who didn't get their gift when they followed the rules! We are SUPER excited about this but understand if you are too busy to contribute. If you are, please be respectful and just think about joining next year!

Be prepared to post about the gift you received and join our linky party on Christmas morning!

We will also have sponsor's again this year with a new twist! If you would like to be a sponsor, please email us at teacherbloggerexchange{at}gmail{dot}com by November 26th. We are asking that all sponsors give away one (or two) of their favorite things. This can be gift cards, nail polish, etc, etc. We are going to set at $10 minimim on this!  All sponsor emails must be sent by November 26th as well! Hope you are looking forward to a Holly Bloggy Christmas!

Please remember that all Holly Bloggy Christmas info, giveaways, and posts will be on our Teacher Blogger Exchange blog, so make sure you are a follower!


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