Did It Dots

Do you know what these are?

Smiley stickers you say? Nope. No they aren't. They are "DID IT DOTS". What? Yep. DID IT DOTS

Let me explain. Last year I posted about my "GIVE ME 5" rule. They have to do the following when writing sentences.

Here is where I have it posted in my classroom:

At times (not all of the time), I tell students they can earn "DID IT DOTS". They know that I am specifically looking for those 5 things. If they do all 5, they can earn a DID IT DOT for that sentence because...well...they did it! At times I will reward students who have the most did it dots for the day. Look at this example:

You can see the last sentence is the only one that earned a did it dot. Here is how I would correct it:

The only spelling errors I correct are words that are on the word wall. I do not correctly any best guess spelling until much later in the year and that is ONLY if we have learned a rule to help us spell it. (ch, silent e, etc). I used to have to pay $4.99 for these "DID IT DOTS" at the teacher store but now you can find them in the dollar spot at Target and Wal-mart all the time. So hurry, go get yours!