How do you teach the alphabet?

I am curious Kinder teachers. How do you teach the alphabet? Do you do a letter a week? A letter a day? Our district still does a letter a week...well 2 a week. We have to introduce all letters and sounds by Christmas. I typically do 1 letter a week until October then double up the rest. We teach in the order of our reading series...Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp, Tt, etc. This works well for most of the kiddos. Some need MUCH more time and some know all of their letters when they enter K. For those kiddos, there is a lot of differentiating. They begin spunding out CVC words early on. I created a new unit to help with teaching the letters. My Alphabet Beginning Sounds unit (original title, huh?) is great to use while teaching all of the letters. I love that there are 5 beginning sound cards for each letter of the alphabet (except x...we do ending sound). This will allow me to use this in many different ways. There are also 2 handouts for each letter. Students can draw the 5 objects they found that begin with the letter they are focusing on (or for higher order thinking...draw 5 objects of their own). The other handout allows students to color objects that begin with the letter they are learning (and for higher order thinking....write the beginning sound of the objects that they are not learning this week). I hope you can use this in your classroom! Just click on the preview picture below to go to my store!

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  1. I follow our reading series which is a letter a week and then some weeks 2 letters. But I introduce all the letters at the beginning of the year and we review all the sounds everyday.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  2. We do one letter a week (sometimes 2) and our schedule is based on our reading series. We don't use the series at all, but we kept the order of the letters. However, I also do every letter every day. And starting in October, every sound every day. This way by December, we know our letters and sounds and can move into more reading and writing. Does that make sense?
    I sure hope so! I just posted my VERY FIRST unit on TPT, I hope you'll check it out!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  3. Cute, cute packet! We teach 2 letters a week in order. We use the Scott Foresman reading, but do not follow the phonics.

  4. 2 letters a week in order of our reading series, but like you said it's hard when some can read entering your room and others need 1 letter ever 2 weeks to grasp it!


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
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  5. I do 8 letters a day with the sounds... giving a hint of the sound by creating a Story... and that's it 8 letters a day... reviewing the letters and sounds by having a simple competition. for example Girls V.S. Boys.