You've got my number

Let me tell you...there are some places that just "have my number".

Target is #1!

I swear it is like they have gone through every file there is on me, studied the heck out of my profile, and just set the store up for me. Don't be shocked if they come out with pink and green polka dot toilet paper soon. I'd pay a couple of extra bucks for it and they know it! I am totally sucked in by their displays and dollar spot (don't even get me started)!

I went to Office Depot to get a new USB key (mine al.most. broke off in my laptop as we were moving).  No...I don't have it backed up...I know I should and I'm gonna. Anywho I have no idea why but EVERYTIME I go in that store this little section stops me.

Silly, right? How many stinkin' magnets, paperclips, and rubberbands do we need? Not that many I assure you but I think that is SO cute the way it is set up. I wanted to buy all of them. But I didn't. I did however pick up ANOTHER one of these.
Have you used it? Heaven in a staple. I swear! (And no...they aren't paying me to write this, nor did I get a free do y'all get those lucky deals?) I have the cheapy little $10 one, but I noticed they have a bigger one that will staple more papers. If you don't have this puppy..get won't regret it! It makes me happy everytime I use it! Oh. And I have a pink one and a green one...just sayin'! :)


  1. Omg I love that stapler!!! So getting a pink and green one!!!

  2. I don't have that stapler!! Maybe I need to go find it!?

    Kindergarten Smiles

  3. Wow! I haven't been to Office Depot in a while! I didn't realize they had everything so color coordinated. That stapler is fabulous!! I have one that is very similar & I haven't had to struggle with stapling since I've had it. It's wonderful!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. I'm on Target probation right now myself! I find new stuff at Office Depot all the time-such an office supply nerd! :) I do need a new stapler though....


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  6. Ahhhh the little things in life! We too are obsessed with the matchy desk accessories and trinkets! Love em!

    Thanks for the tip on the stapler-there is something to be said about a good stapler for sure! We've had one too many jams that required small surgery to recover the stubborn staple culprit. Our dinosaurs need to be retired.
    ~Christy & Tammy