First Day of Kindergarten

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Let me start by saying that no matter how long you have taught (10 years in my case), you never can seem to remember how hard the 1st day of Kindergarten is. I swear, you think after 10 years I would remember that they can't raise their hand, can't stand in line, can't sit on their bottom, can't wash their hands, can't not run in class, etc, etc, etc. I crack myself up every year because I completely forget. I used to say "raise your hand if you want to speak" but when kids would raise their hand and then still blurt out I see that they took me literally. I now say "Raise your hand and wait to be called on". I love them though. Seriously love them.

Here is how my 1st day goes:

7:30 - Parents arrive WITH child and stay. Child hangs up backpack on "their" hook and finds "their" seat and color. Wait for all parents and students to arrive.
7:45 - Brief into to parents, quick run through of reminders (child's name tag needs to be returned daily, check red folder, etc)
7:55 - Transportation info - I go over this 3 times. I want to make sure I know how their child will go home today, tomorrow, and rest of the year.
8:00- Questions???
8:05 - Story time - All students and parents come to carpet for "The Kissing Hand". I read the story then with a red permanent marker, make a heart in each child's hand and parents hand.

8:15 - Shoo parents out the door for the Yahoo/Boo Hoo Breakfast (You know...Yahoo!!! My kid is going to school and I get a break but Boo Hoo!!! My baby is going to school!). They enjoy breakfast and sign all important papers...questions answered by principal. This is put on by our PTA. Love them!

8:15 - 8:30 - Singing and Dancing - This gets the kids giggling and their minds of missing thier mamas
8:30 - 8:45 Review of procedures - Criss Cross Applesauce, Give me 5, Lights Out, Bathroom rules, Classroom rules, etc

8:45-9:00 - Show students the play centers

9:00-9:30 - Students play in centers. They will get nothing done until they have that out of their system. They will worry about it all day until you let them play. During this time I take first day pictures, put on name tags, check for school supplies, etc.

9:30-10:00 - Introduce our 1st letter - Mm. Watch Mm videos and sing song. Students will color Mm objects and practice making an Mm.

10:00-10:15 - Sing and Dance

10:15-10:30 - Lunch rules and procedures

10:30-11:00 - Lunch

11:00-11:45 - Guidance

11:45 - 12:15 - Introduce color word RED. Sing song, read stories, students color red activity

12:15-12:45 - Students play in centers

12:45-1:15 - Read the Gingerbread Man and students take turn acting out story using puppets. **We will decorate cookies tomorrow, they "run away" to their home and then on the following day we have a hunt and find them. I send the following note home with them on the first day.

1:15 -1:30 - Students color Gingerbread Man

1:30-1:45Recess/Playground rules and procedures- time to play

1:45-2:00 - Snack time and drinks

2:00-2:15 - Bus rules, Dismissal rules

2:15 -2:30 - Dismissal...making sure every child gets home the correct way!!!

There ya go!!!:)


  1. I wish we did a breakfast like cute and a great way to scoot parents out the door :)

  2. Wow, you have all day kindergarten? We used to have that where I live, but it got cut at a lot of schools because of budget cuts. I think it must be a super long day for little kids... but on the plus side, you get to do way more, AND you can go on better field trips because you don't have to worry about meeting the buses at noon!

  3. Wow... what a great day planned! I teach half day and I feel like I am always trying to stuff all that stuff into a tight little window.

    I am not quite ready to think about the first day yet. BUT I know it is creeping up on me.

    The first few week are so, so hard. People just don't realize. My brain throbs thinking about it. But like it said, I love their innocence and to be honest, it is worth the struggle to have such a good age group!

    I too do the kissing hand, although we do not allow parents up to the classrooms. But I think both ways are better. We just have a strict visitor policy. I love this book but it is a little long. I wonder if the message is clear to them?

    When does school start for you?

  4. How CUTE is a Yahoo Boo hoo breakfast!! Love that!!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  5. Sounds like a busy day! I usually don't start centers until the 2nd week of school, but thinking back on the last 7 years, they usually ask "when are we going to play?" Maybe I will try a few centers the first week too :)

  6. Seems like that's going to be a wonderful first day!

  7. Sounds like a good day to me! Best of luck to you..

  8. I love your Kissing Hand read aloud with the parents idea! SOOOOO cute! I usually read this book with my kids, but I like your way much more!

    Ms. Shope's Class Where Learning is FUN

  9. Love your Kissing Hand idea with the red marker and sweet!

    The Yahoo/Boo Hoo breakfast sounds SO sweet! Love that!

  10. I think we purposely block out the 1st day--every year I say the same thing--I forgot how hard this is. You have a lot of fun activities planned though! :)


  11. love the idea of inviting parents in for a little while - but would be hard to cut the ties?? love the ideas though:) not sure my team would go for that...LOL! I would love to try it at least to see if it makes a difference:) Thanks for sharing!!

    ~ Kimberlee ~

    Two Fulbright Hugs

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  13. Um I love that breakfast idea! How cute!! Our PTA is... well we will just say less than impressive, which makes me sad! =( Love your blog- I am your newest follower!!!

    Miss Augustine's Kindergarten

  14. Oh what a great day! I am so impressed with the PTA and the breakfast. What a great first day for parent and child!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach