Freebie Friday

TGIF. What a week! I've had so much fun joining Blog Hoppin' this week. I have gotten many great ideas! You may have seen my Give Me 5! display.

I use this at my Writing Table. I begin teaching this around October and by November they are self checking their work to see if they have done everything in the Give Me 5! before turning in their paper to be graded. A few days a week I use this for the students to self-asses that their work is ready to be graded. If I just say "Did you Give Me 5?" they say yes and typically they have forgotten a step. (It is usually the punctuation.) If they use this little guide, it really helps. I staple it to their paper when graded. I hope you can use it!

give me 5


  1. Hi! I love your "Did It" dots idea! I can't wait to use your idea in my classroom.

    I can't get the "Give Me 5" paper to load on SCRIBD...not sure why??? Could you e-mail me the PDF?

    Thanks so much!


  2. I could not get it either to load on SCRIBID. Could you e-mail me the PDF too?
    Thank You,

  3. I would also love the Give me Five paper! This such a great idea!!! my email is

    thanks so much!

  4. I could not necessarily have it either to force on SCRIBID. Could you e-mail us the actual PDF too? Thanks,

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