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The Teacher Wife posted yesterday asking how do we make students feel special in our classroom. I thought this was a great idea to post about. I have "Star Student of the Week" in my classroom. On Friday, I choose a student randomly. All students who have not been star student stand up and students take turns asking me yes or no questions until only 1 student (the star student) is standing. I love this because it works with questioning skills! That student will take home the Star Student poster to complete and return on Monday to display in the hall. All week, the Star Student gets to be calendar helper AND line leader. They love this! Probably their favorite part of being star student is taking home the Froggy Bag. On Monday, they get to take home a bag that has the following in it:
Class Scrapbook - Each student gets a scrapbook page to complete as their summer homework. This page is returned the first day of school and included in a scrapbook that the kids get to take home to show their families all of their classmates.
Froggy - Froggy is a BIG deal. They get to spend all week with Froggy. I encourage each student to wash it the first day they take it home because kids LITERALLY sleep with Froggy when he is at their house. **Last year we had a lice scare, so this year our school purchased small Froggies that each student can keep instead of a big froggy. I understand the reasoning behind this but it makes me SUPER sad!

Froggy Books - Students read these books with Froggy each night.

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Froggy Journal - Students (okay parents) journal what they did with Froggy throughout the week, their favorite part of being star students, and what their favorite book was. I also encourage pictures and usually get lots of them!
When I say kids cannot wait to be Star Student...that is an understatement. They LOVE it! I did a monkey theme for a few years, but I think I have stuck with the frog theme for about 7. I would love to know your thoughts. How do you do Star Student or do you?


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