Birthday Bash Unit

One of the first units I do is the Birthday Bash unit. It is a standard in our district that Kindergarten students know important holidays (including their birthdays).

Usually only about 1/2 of our students know their birthday so we do a lot of practice and reciting of this all week long. We begin the week with students coloring a birthday cake that has their birthday on it. We also sing Birthday by Jack Hartmann. It is from Math All Around Me CD. They love this song! It takes a while for some students to remember when to stand up, but they definitely have it by the end of the week. Throughout the week we graph birthdays on the ACTIVboard, add birthday baskets to Everyday Count Calendar, and place them on my birthday cupcakes for display in the room. We also decorate a birthday crown using jewels, tissue paper, crayons etc. for them to wear. The students create a birthday cake glyph which is great for following directions! On Friday, every students brings in a gently used or new book already wrapped. We have our Birthday Bash (with cupcakes and drinks) and have a gift exchange. All students get a new book to take home.
I am excited to FINALLY have my FIRST unit posted for FREE!!! I am attempting to attach this via Google Documents. I had to attach the crown separate because it is in landscape form. I blow it up on copier (about 120%) and run on white large construction paper. The bottom part of the crown (the straight strip) is used to attach to each side so it fits around their head! ENJOY!!!
**I did it in a really cute font, but it showed up all wonky on scribd, so I changed it to century gothic. If you want the cute font, just leave your email and I will email it to you!

Birthday Bash Unit

Birthday Bash Crown

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  1. Love this idea.
    My children always have trouble remembering their b-days.
    This week long unit will surely help.
    Please send me.
    Thanks so much for your efforts on behave of children.