Are your goals clear?

One of the requirements from our district is to have your CLG (clear learning goals) posted weekly in your classroom. It is very important that kids know what they are learning and why they are learning it. In the past, I wrote the goals on sentence strips and stuck them into a pocket chart. This has all changed thanks to Deanna Jump of Mrs. Jump's Class. She created the CUTEST Clear Learning Goals in student friendly term. I love them!!! As soon as I saw them on her blog, I jumped on over to her TPT store and purchased them for myself. Now I have the cutest little display for my student friendly clear learning goals. I know it is important they the goals are there for the students to see but who says they can't be cute too?

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1 comment:

  1. Where did you get the main signs...of MATH ect..?? My pack didn't come with that design and it is much simpler..I really like yours.
    Did you make them? Would you be willing to share them with a fellow Kinder teacher?? I have the objectives I just like your wording for the posters better than Mrs. Jump had in the TPT pack I bought.