Sight Word Book

We learn two words the first week of school - We, Can. We begin learning our sight words (rainbow words) right away. Our school uses the Treasures series by Macmillan McGraw Hill. We teach the sight words in order that the series does as well as color words, number words, and words from the Fry list. Sounds like a lot huh? It is. We've been in school and have taught over 20 words. I KNOW! Our series has WONDERFUL little reader books that go with the series, but often those don't have the FRY words in it. I try to create small books for the students to practice reading and take home. We often highlight our new words of the week and do lots of activities with this book. I am using this book next week. It really focuses on the words can and see. We are also just beginning to sound out CVC words (like Sam and map). We have learned the letters Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp, and Tt so far. Here is a quick freebie. I hope you can use it! I'm still working on my rainbow word unit!

I CAN SEE book


  1. We do Treasures too (I live in Texas), so I am loving this! Thank you! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! We do not use Treasures, but I am sure I can put this to use!!
    Also, thanks so much for displaying my button. I grabbed yours and will do the same for you!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  3. Many thanks for expressing this! We do not use Pieces, but I believe I can placed this particular to make use of!!
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