Shopping Problem

So...I admit...I have a shopping problem. For myself, my daughter, and my classroom! This is my 10th year. You would think by now that I wouldn't need anything, but I am positive I absolutely need these things.
I found these for $1 at Dollar Tree. I really wish they had the other colors that we learn. Thought of getting more and spray painting but decided against it. **Those white stickers come off.

Here is what I got at the Target Dollar section. I got these for storage. I'm going to use the vertical bins to re-organize my read-alouds. I got that idea from one of the blogs I've been stalking. I am using the flat bins for each of my 4 tables (red, blue, green, yellow). These were technically $2.50 each but compared to Really Good Stuff (which I LOVE), it's a deal!

I got these erase boards and erasers for name practice. I will use the number and ABC puzzles with struggling kiddos and the sign language erasers for pointers in reading groups!

I plan on using the ABC stickers for different things. I would like to put them on dice and have students roll them to make words??? Not sure yet but for a dollar, who can pass that up?? The certificates and bookmarks I use as rewards for reaching benchmarks in Headsprout. I did this last year and they LOVED it.

I got these Dr. Seuss items to give as gifts on Read Across America Day! I'm thinking ahead!

My Target also had a small teacher section with everything priced at $2.50. I found this Smart Cookies bulletin board kit. It is huge!

I also found these cute holiday window clings!

Once I left I wondered if I was the only person who could spend $60 in the Dollar Section at Target, but then my teaching partner spent $90 so I figure I'm good! :) In her defense...this is her 2nd year! :) 


  1. Our Target hasn't put this stuff out yet! I'm gonna go nuts looking at what everyone is buying and I can't get it yet!! I can't wait! I like the dice idea with the letter stickers. I'm gonna give that a try!

  2. My Target hadn't stocked their dollar bins when I was there yesterday, but they had started working on back to school. They had composition books for 40 cents and spiral notbooks for 20 cents. They man working the dept.said he couldn't confirm sales, but he strongly believed they would be running back to school items this weekend. :0)

    Everything that was in the dollar bins was half price if the circle by the bar code was white. I got several things to use as "prizes" and pencils sets of 10 for 50 cents.

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  5. You have a teacher section in your Target?!?!?! I am totally jealous! And I go to Target everyday...I'm not even kidding! I don't want to add up how much I've spent...

    Miss Kindergarten

  6. So what I want to know is...what are those crayons at the top of your post? Are they banks?

  7. Yes Amy...they are piggy banks. They were at the Dollar Tree by the children's toys. I am planning to use them somehow when I introduce colors/color words the first few weeks of school. I think I will have to put something in them so that they stand up and not fall down. They were cute and for $1 I figured I could find something to do with them! :)

  8. Thanks...I couldn't tell their size in the photo! :)