Lesson Plans and Standards

It takes me a whole lot longer to write something than type it. For that reason alone, I've never purchaed a teachers plan book. I have always had a format in which I created and just typed in my lesson plans. I usually had my plans out on my desk Monday morning ready to go. There may have been a few weeks here or there (can we say the week before Christmas and the last week of school) in which I didn't type them out, although we were still very much doing schoolwork. Well...no more will that happen. Last year, our school district required that every teacher email their lesson plans to our principal EACH WEEK by 8:00a.m. on Monday morning. We have to include our standards, CLG (clear learning goals), essential questions, vocabulary, and overt response. We could (at the elementary level) create any format we wanted, but it had to include those. I am a Type A personality and worked, and worked, and worked to get the format I wanted. I finally got it where I wanted. Here is an example of my lesson plans. Keep in mind this is last year's 1st week of school plans...I have tweaked things since then.
I'm curious. Are your lesson plans as detailed? I have to admit, they took me over 2 hours at the beginning and by the end of the year I think I could get them done in 1. I thought that was a little ridiculous and I could have spent my time doing things for my classroom, but no one asked so I continued to do it. This year I am hoping to just change dates and what little things I need to. I will have to change my language arts standards as those have changed to the new common core standards. Speaking of those.....we also have to post our CLG (I think they are to be called something else this year) and Essential Questions in our classroom weekly. I am so excited that Mrs. Jump has these standards all cutesy and for sale in her TPT store. I am SO getting these and using them. She just made my life SO much easier!!!!!! Check it out!


  1. We have been using Scribd because Google Docs was giving us fits, too. I have seen the same thing on a couple of other blogs lately having the same problem. I LOVE Deanna Jump's things!!

  2. Oh boy, My first year my boss wanted to make sure I "knew" content and language objectives (like grad school hadn't done that enough?) and so I had to write extremely detailed lesson plans every week and she wanted them completed and turned in by thursday afternoon for the following week. it was so killer! It took forever at first, but I got into the routine of it after awhile and was able to do a lot of cut and paste. Each day my lesson plans were about 2 pages (mind you it's 1/2 day kinder!) I am so glad I don't have to do that anymore. I still write lesson plans in my planbook (printed out template with filled in boxes for some things) and make sure to have them done before I leave on friday. but its more for me and if I need a sub last minute.

    Mrs. Bee
    Bee's KinderGarden