Classroom Jobs

I am joining up with Mrs. Dillard's 1st Grade Classroom Jobs linky party. I have the following jobs and switch them out throughout the year. The students names are on a handprint (or another diecut) and place in a stack. I start with the first and let them choose which job they want and continue until all jobs are taken. At the end of the week, I take those hands out and place them at the bottom of the stack. The next week students who did not have a job previous week will get a turn. I do this throughout the year and it works out really well. Here are my jobs:
Line Leader - The obvious....they are first in line
Door Holder - They hold the door whenever needed...they are 2nd in line.
Lights - This person makes sure all lights are turned out before we leave the classroom. They are also responisble for turning out lights to get students quiet if needed.
Messenger - This person takes messages/attendance to office in the morning and gets messages at the end of the day. Towards the end of the year when they are familiar with teachers/places, I may also use this person to run notes to others.
Lunch Box Counter - This person counts how many lunch boxes there are each morning.
Paper Passer - This person places all papers in the appropriate spot after directions have been given.
Strike Wiper - This person wipes the strikes (given for bad behavior) each morning. They know they are not to discuss what each students had. It is a new beginning!
I am considering (but not convinced) I may try these new jobs this year:
Pencil Sharpener - sharpens pencils at designated times throughout the day
Housekeeper - Makes sure all chairs are put up at the end of the day and tables are clean

I've enjoyed reading the different possibilities. A lot of Kindergarten teachers don't fool with having jobs but I think it makes them responsible and it makes it easier on me! Who doesn't want that?


  1. Thanks for joining my Linky Party! I love the strike wiper
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

  2. Class jobs are awesome and I think they are never to young to start! Some of my favorite jobs in Our School Family are the Morning Greeter, the Cheerleader and the Encourager. One of my recent posts was about the job of the Encourager and our We Care Bag. I would love for you to come read more about it! =)

    Heather's Heart