I don't like change. Never have and probably never will. I'm a Type A personality and am usually fine with things just as they are. The first big change (and probably the biggest) is that we have a new principal at our school. I have had the same boss for 9 years so this is big. I really loved her and she was like a mother to me. Our new principal is a man - yep...another change. I am going into it with an open mind and looking at it as a fresh start - this is big for me!
The other change is that for the first time we will do home visits instead of having Parent/Teacher Conversations. In the past, we had one day where parents could drop by for a 10-15 minute conference. This year, district wide - we are doing home visits. I have no idea how we will do this or what we are to do. I am hoping to hear more on that soon. Do any of you do home visits? I would love to know more about them!
I am in countdown mode. Our school district goes "Year Round". That means that we get out the middle of May and start back the 1st week of August. We also have a week off in October, April, and then 1 1/2 weeks off at Christmas. I have to say I don't really hate this schedule. I love it in May when we get out and then I start dreading it at the end of July when I am preparing to go back. I have 2 weeks after this week off before I really begin. I am trying to do a lot at home as my room is being painted this summer and won't be done until at least the end of next week. This gives me 1 week to get my room together. I will definitely have pictures to post after it is complete. I am so excited that they are putting magnetic paint on some of my walls. Have ya'll tried that yet? I hope it makes my word wall easier to use!!!

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